Create Killer Content with Marketing Training: 6 Reasons Your Business Should Invest

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Are you an aspiring marketer? Investment in your marketing training is key to success, and despite the pandemic, spending on marketing is rising.

As consumers turn to digital marketing strategies, marketers are trying to enhance the digital experience. They want to improve their business by focusing on marketing with a digital strategy. A study found that 62% of marketers believe that marketing is of increasing importance, with the focus on online marketing growing because of the pandemic.

Here’s everything you need to know about the different marketing training types.

Free Training from marketeer and JounalLink

Your company needs to keep your marketing skills and knowledge up to date. To succeed in this new digital marketing landscape, you need the right skills to succeed. Things change fast. Look at Facebook.

A few years ago, its main audience was young people. Today it is largely used by older people.

Twitter was once a micro-blogging place to keep up with celebrities. Today, it is a major political tool for people to express their opinions in a very blunt fashion.

It was the main tool used by President Trump during his tenure as President. He took to Twitter rather than sitting down for interviews with traditional news outlets.

Social Media Marketing Training

Social media marketing training can help you understand this. That’s why marketeer and JournalLink have organized a series of free training sessions. They are for chamber members, focused on how to use the right tools to reach the right consumers.

This consists of training in PR, Google Analytics, and LinkedIn Advertising. The last 12 months have underlined the importance of local and accurate communication.

They are doing a lot more to connect with customers. As per Harvard Business Review, advertising and marketing messages must be relevant. They must establish a human connection.

A present-day LinkedIn survey found that 38% of companies say there is a greater focus on tactical campaigning. This is due to the shift of consumers online and investment in more tactical activities towards budget cuts.

Adobe Live Business Program

One example is the Adobe Live Business Program, where we spotlight industry leaders who inspire others to share their businesses, address challenges, drive innovation, and develop cutting-edge working methods.

Linked to this is affiliate marketing training, where people learn how to sell Adobe Live on their website to make money.


LinkedIn is an unrivaled B2B social network. Its feature-rich marketing tools offer a total range of items to engage audiences at all levels of the funnel, thanks to its multi-billion dollar purchase by Microsoft.

With LinkedIn reaching one a billion users of the platform, marketing opportunities on the platform have never been better. Learn how to maximize the opportunities LinkedIn has to offer.

The LinkedIn Advertising eMarketing Event tells you more about expanded target group targeting capabilities and gets the most out of your campaigns with retargeting.

LinkedIn is the most effective tool for business marketing. You can see someone’s work history and their education. You can also see them posting regular updates about projects they are working on and promotions.

A Sophisticated Tool

But LinkedIn is also increasingly sophisticated. You can’t get the biggest traction from it by simply putting up posts and hoping for the best. You need to be able to understand the algorithm.

You also have to understand the value of creating genuine connections through a platform such as LinkedIn. And the key to that is how to speak to people in private messages. Digital marketing training can help you improve at this.

Since Covid, consumers have been forced to live and switch online, which means that consumer expectations for their digital experience have soared. Customers expect a personal and proactive experience throughout the entire customer journey.

This is why it is so important to have the right data at hand to provide a seamless journey that considers the user’s previous activities.

Google Tag Manager

Learn how to use Google Tag Manager to re-engage audiences that visit your site in this eMarketeer training course on Google Analytics, which takes place on September 14. You will also discover the essential reports you can create to ensure that your marketing efforts get the results you need.

Digital press coverage is a great way to get your potential customers to click through to your website and learn more about your business. With the increasing interest in people spending more time online, there are great ways to create relevant content to maximize the chances of consumers returning to your business.

JournalLink holds regular events to help you develop your PR strategy. To stay informed about Business West Chamber events, visit this page.

Recent studies that track customer behavior indicate an increase in conscious consumer behavior. People can evaluate their responsibility to society in making purchasing decisions.

This allows companies to spread their brand through stories and press releases to boost consumer confidence in their business.

Part of Tag Manager’s success lies in SEO. Be sure to check out this site for more information on SEO digital marketing training:

Marketing Training Is Important

It’s important to get marketing training right. Without marketing training, you could end up using social media platforms in the wrong way or targeting the wrong audience for your service or product.

Online marketing tools such as Google Tag Manager and LinkedIn have become sophisticated. You can’t rely on simply using them and hoping for the best.

Great marketing training can give you the tools you need to take your marketing game to the next level.

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Create Killer Content with Marketing Training: 6 Reasons Your Business Should Invest

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