How Do Security Tags Work? A Complete Guide

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Did you know that approximately one in eleven Americans shoplift regularly? While the five-finger discount might seem harmless to the person doing it, the reality is that it can cause serious harm to businesses.

This is especially true if you own a smaller, retail business that relies on in-person sales. One way to combat this problem is through the implementation of security tags at your in-person store locations.

While you might be familiar with security tags, few people understand how they work. So, to help you figure out whether or not they’re the right option for you, we’ve organized this guide. Let’s get started!

What Is a Security Tag?

A security tag is a component of an EAS system, or electronic article surveillance system. You put these tags on any products or articles of clothing that you want to protect.

Security tag manufacturers are always looking for new and innovative ways to foil attempts by shoplifters, and have come up with an ingenious ideas to combat theft of high-value liquor bottles.  OMAC security bottle caps are attached to any bottle quickly and easily without damaging the merchandise, totally tamper-proof, and easily removed at the counter.

When someone tries to steal the product without paying for it the tag signals the surveillance system to set off an alarm. But how exactly does this alarm work?

How Does It Work?

A security tag works by being in constant communication with an EAS antenna in the store. One to two antennas are typically placed at the main entrance of the door. You can essentially view the tag as a small radio transmitter.

So, if the tag passes by this antenna without being deactivated, then it will set off an alarm. There are two main types of security tags: magnetic locks and mechanical tags. As you can guess, magnetic tags use magnetism to seal off the pin.

The higher the magnetic strength, the harder it will be to remove the tag. Mechanical tags, on the other hand, force a pin through the article of clothing which is then locked into place.

Where Can You Purchase Security Tags?

You can purchase security tags from a variety of online suppliers. We recommend for a security tag that’s both affordable and effective. You can save a lot of money by purchasing security tags in bulk.

This is also ideal if you have a lot of inventory that you want to protect. Keep in mind that you will also need an EAS antenna for the security tags to work. As such, if you can find a value package that includes both, then go with it.

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We hope this article helped you learn more about security tags and how they work. As you can see, security tags aren’t just for businesses that have been experiencing a lot of theft.

They’re for anyone that wants an effective deterrent against potential shoplifters. Just seeing a security tag is enough to dissuade most potential thieves from stealing. So, implement them into your business today to stop shoplifting.

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How Do Security Tags Work? A Complete Guide

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