Mayco Stroke and Coat Teal Glaze

A 1 pt jar of Mayco Stroke and Coat Teal Glaze is available. Non-toxic, it needs no thinning and can be brushed on clay or bisque with a brush. Non-Toxic glaze can also be used in majolica techniques. It is free from cadmium, lead, and other harmful chemicals. Non-Toxic glazes can be mixed for variety. For best results, use at least 2 different colors when mixing a single color.

This glazing product is a premier choice for One Fire or 1-2-3 Step decorating. Its foolproof application allows for a beautiful, high-end finish without the hassle of a second glaze application. A single coat is enough for a transparent finish, two coats for semi-opaque coverage, and three coats for solid coverage. The glaze is non-toxic and contains no abrasives. It can be used with all types of dinnerware.

Stroke & Coat’s compatibility with clear glazes is another great feature. It can be applied over bisque, greenware, earthenware, and stoneware. Stroke & Coat is not like other glazes. It is the ideal paint for precise design work. It can be mixed with other glazes and is compatible with detailer bottles. The paint can be used in a sponging, marbleizing or other similar processes.

Stroke & Coat is a versatile glaze that works great up to cone 06/05. It retains color and quality at higher temperatures. It can also be used with Raku pottery, which is a low-fire type of pottery. This glaze is removed from the kiln as the glaze melts. It is highly durable and can be fired multiple times, allowing you to create lifelike portraits and realistic landscapes.

Mayco Stroke and Coat Teal Glaze
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