Merle Boxer

Merle Boxer is a purebred dog. It has blue eyes and a pink nose. It also has pink paw pads. Merle Boxer dogs are rare in the United States, and are not eligible for AKC purebred status. AKC has strict guidelines on breeding Boxers. In the past, breeding Boxers with the merle gene was strictly forbidden because of the increased health risks involved. However, in recent years, this practice has been allowed, and many people now have them as part of their families.

In 1904, the AKC recognized the Boxer breed for the first time. Prior to that, they were not well known in the United States. Soldiers from Germany brought Boxers back to the U.S., where they began to gain popularity. Boxers are now available for adoption. Breeders are looking for owners to adopt a dog with a merle coat, but the merle boxer is a beautiful pet for every home.

Boxers have the same temperament regardless of their bloodline, even if they are from the merle line. They are playful, loyal, affectionate, intelligent, and protective. They are affectionate and hard to provoke to anger. Because they are protective, they are good with children and other pets, but they should have a lot of exercise. Boredom can lead to behavior problems in your pet if they aren’t given enough exercise.

The fawn is another color to consider. While boxers are known for their fawn color, many other purebred dogs are also available in this hue. Some fawn-colored Boxers also have white markings. Because it is rare in the breed, they are considered rare. But fawn-colored Boxers are also considered to be a mixed breed, but it is still a very popular color among dog lovers.

Although the fawn color is more common than brindle, there are many different markings on the white dog. They can vary depending on the parentage and breed. White Boxers are often marked with an “eye patch” that is larger than usual. A white Boxer could also be deaf, or have other physical problems. It is important to choose a breeder that is deaf, as this could affect the health of the dog.

If you are planning to purchase a merle Boxer, keep in mind that this breed is not for novice dog owners. You will need to train and pay attention. This breed is very demanding and requires dedicated owners who have the time and money to care for it properly. If you are confident that you can care for this breed, you should consider it. This breed is a great choice for families because of its many traits.

Merle Boxer
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