Miller Net Company, Inc.

Miller Net Company, Inc. is a company that manufactures nets for sport. This Memphis, TN-based company specializes in manufacturing and distributing sporting goods and nets. Founded in 1976, this Memphis, TN-based company has been in business for 46 years. It generates approximately $570,721 in annual sales, and employs 9 people at its single location. The business is woman-owned and operated.

Harold Miller, the founder of the company was raised helping his father’s business. Later, he worked for 30 years in the trucking industry. Miller Net Co. was his sideline after he left the National Guard. With no fancy storefront, he grew the business from word-of-mouth. By the 1990s, he started expanding into sporting nets, and today it accounts for half of the company’s business.

The founder of the company, Harold Miller, is still an avid fisherman. He won’t tell you his favorite spots for fishing, but he will share some of his secrets with you. Among these secrets is the secret to making a quality net for fishing. Miller’s nets will meet all your expectations, no matter if you need a simple or complex fishing net.

Miller Net Company, Inc.
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