Millstones Goldens Recalls Parvovirus Puppy

Millstones Goldens recently recalled their puppies because of the presence parvovirus. The puppy was purchased May 1, and the virus was discovered a few days later. Parvo is a highly contagious disease that affects all dogs but especially puppies under four months old. In response to this recall, owners are refunding the purchase price of the puppies. The company claims that the puppies were vaccinated against the parvovirus before they went home with their owners.

Millstones Golden breeder has been breeding Goldens since over 20 years and has a reputation of producing healthy dogs. The adult dogs are always tested for genetic problems and health issues, and the puppies are kept up to date on vaccines, de-wormings, and veterinarian visits. The Millstones Goldens are well worth the price, and are the perfect addition to any family. This article will give you more information about these adorable dogs.

Both Henry and Anna are Goldens but they are very different from one another. Henry is a field gold, which means that he is lighter and whiter than Anna. Anna is a Millstone Golden and is also light in color. Sarah found the dogs on Facebook and believed it to be Henry. The picture of Henry had been posted in the Ann Arbor area a few days earlier. His owner had listed him as a five-year-old male.

Since 1978, the breeder has been breeding Goldens. He has won numerous titles in obedience, agility, field, and field. He is an active member of multiple breed clubs and also maintains a Facebook page for the puppies. These dogs are social, well-rounded, and make great pets. They are also extremely healthy and stable – something that is not always possible with puppy mills. If you are looking for a Golden, this breeder is the right place to find one.

Besides providing healthy Golden Retriever puppies, Millstones Goldens also guarantees all their puppies with vet visits, vaccinations, and deworming. Millstones Goldens also maintains a Facebook page that is updated regularly. This is a great place to keep current on all things Golden Retriever. Millstones Goldens puppies are a great way for a new family to start. Before you make your final decision, be sure to verify the qualifications of the breeder.

Millstones Goldens Recalls Parvovirus Puppy
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