Common Mistakes to Avoid when Planning Your Software Testing Project

Software Testing

Testing software is a must step before the development stage is complete. It aims to find bugs in the application so the developers may get rid of them successfully before a customer faces any issues. That’s why detecting issues is the job of the QA team that takes responsibility for the satisfaction rate. Let’s find out more about popular mistakes that happen while you create and test your software.

Testing and improving apps

Testing IT products isn’t only a one-hour task for software testers. This is a comprehensive approach of research to reveal the quality of the product. Its goal is to compare the planned behavior of the software with real behavior using specific tests. The results of such a comparison allow experts to summarize the risks of using the app and its potential success. 

This is a short explanation of how the professional QA team works. Testing experts from reliable companies like rely on modern practices to reduce the costs of testing and improve the quality of IT products. They always pay attention to details to make a fair conclusion so developers will be able to deliver high-quality software to customers. That’s the way to reach the highest satisfaction rate and business success. 

Sometimes people still wonder why software testing is an integral part of the development process. They believe that it is more an extra step for developers who are not sure about the application quality. But the real situation is the opposite: if the team follows testing IT products then it delivers better quality for less money. Here are the main reasons why:

– developers and the QA team work together. Testers have efficient tools to analyze software, then they translate the testing results to the developers and make them find solutions faster. Such an approach is great to reduce cycle time on developing and releasing projects;

– a new level of testing virtualization. It has been very pricey and hard to perform recently but nowadays proper virtualization tools help to speed up completing projects thanks to continuous testing. The QA team doesn’t need to test every part of the project and makes the job synchronically with developers;

– efficient approach of testing on a cloud. This approach helps QA professionals to speed up or slow down their work depending on the needs and goals that are constantly changing. Besides, modern tools of cybersecurity deal with any potential threats too so there is no issue to worry about by using automated device testing.

There are many other advantages of software testing. Don’t ignore it because you’ll get huge benefits for your new product and company’s reputation as well. 

TOP 5 mistakes in QA testing

TOP 5 mistakes in QA testing

Now you understand that software problems happen and require solutions. That’s why QA professionals are in great demand in the IT market. But let’s agree with Theodore Roosevelt who said that ‘The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything’. It’s highly important to know TOP mistakes to avoid during software testing so you can do your job as well as possible. 

Mistake #1. State wrong tasks

Testers need to state proper tasks and reach the plan step-by-step. But if you haven’t understood the scope properly then you fail your job from the beginning. Such a small mistake will cause catastrophe and make both QA professionals and developers waste their time on software. 

Remember that QA is a complex of tasks. It consists of the functionality of the app, its performance, interface, security, and so on. All fields and tasks must be covered during the testing process. Before you start your job you need to clearly understand the scope. 

Mistake #2. Ignore deadlines

Time management is an integral skill for experts no matter their area of work. Talking about projects in software testing, we must always keep the type of software, extra features, and other indicators to plan the work with it. 

As a result, your team needs enough time to complete the tasks you are required to do. But don’t delay the last steps of testing because it will also delay the software release. This isn’t in your interest to create time issues and unexpected problems with almost ready applications. 

Mistake #3. Don’t rush 

You are having a deadline to follow – it is vitally important to complete your testing on time. But don’t rush: being in a hurry only makes you stressed and inattentive so you can make too many mistakes as a QA engineer. 

The testing process should be performed within a limited time, so you need to schedule your steps. Plan the steps and state deadlines for each one. Such an approach will help you to move on to the final goal, keep the progress, and avoid mistakes. 

Mistake #4. Lack of skills and qualifications

If your QA employees don’t know how to test software then no one can help them. For instance, if the tester uses tools wrongly then the results will be wrong too. Be sure that software testing skills aren’t something every person has. Only an expert with the proper knowledge, skills, experience, and qualification is capable of performing high-quality testing tasks. 

That’s why every tester in your team must meet relevant requirements. In addition, it’s highly important to train the team, so its members know how to use specific tools, how to verify the processes, how to do tasks, etc. 

Performing software testing is a long and stressful process. But the results of this stage in developing IT products are critically important for further improvements. So don’t make the listed above mistakes and do your best to create a high-quality application in your team!

Mistake #5. Poor documentation quality

The results of your job will be totally useless if you can’t describe all issues and proposals properly. Poor final documentation is a popular mistake that delays software improvements and their release. 

Make sure that you record all your progress in software testing. Use extra tools in content creation if you can’t describe all your work and present it to the developers in a proper format.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid when Planning Your Software Testing Project

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