Mobile Applications in the Healthcare Industry: 10 Ways They Can Help You

Mobile Applications

We have collected the TOP 10 best solutions that can satisfy the needs of doctors: from students to practitioners. We chose functional, intuitive, free, with a decent rating, objective reviews and responsive developers who listen to user feedback. Able to work both online and offline.


It is an ersatz app for medical professionals. It contains reference books for doctors of various profiles, explanations for medications, an identifier for pills, and medical news. And also special calculators to calculate, for example, body mass index, infusion, renal excretory function. In addition, the program contains information about the side effects of drugs. Epocrates has already earned recognition, as the numbers indicate: more than a million medical practitioners use it in their work. Most of the application’s resources can be installed for free. But access to advanced information will already be paid.

Figure 1 – Medical Images 

A godsend for doctors and nurses. A visual archive is assembled here, i.e. many images that are useful in diagnosing diseases. This is especially important when dealing with rare or uncommon diseases. With this program, it is convenient to exchange information with doctors for educational purposes. You can view, comment, and share images with other professionals using the visual base Figure 1. This solution is helpful for healthcare mobile app development and clinicians who want peer feedback on a rare case in their practice, or are looking for cases to study.

Doctor Booster 

It is a professional tool for modern doctors. With this application, the doctor’s work is greatly simplified! After all, from now on, all the most important things in a smartphone or tablet are always at hand: 

  • medical records; 
  • remote sending for tests;
  • creating templates to save time; 
  • electronic appointments; 
  • appointment schedules; 
  • statistics; 
  • medical reference books and classifiers ICD-10; 
  • ICPC-2;
  • creating medical events. 

And also a bonus for patients – a discount when referred by a doctor through the app. The peculiarity of the program is that the data is stored under reliable fingerprint protection.

Medical Terminologies 

It is a reference guide where all medical terms are collected. Here you will find an explanation of unknown words and phrases from the medical field. The advantage of the application is prompt online support, easy search and the unlimited number of bookmarks. Medical Terminologies is an indispensable tool for medical students and aspiring practitioners because it is a treasure trove of information.

Read by QxMD  

Gives access to specialized literature, current research, the latest reviews. It is a valuable resource for professionals and anyone who wants to know what’s going on in the medical world.

The app organizes all medical literature. Thanks to its journal format, the program allows you to read and download studies and articles from various. The application gives free access to a huge amount of content, thanks to which doctors can learn news on their specialty or can organize all available data.


It is a great way to keep track of medical news and advances. It doesn’t matter if you study medicine, are a medical worker, you can go to the “What’s New” section to view headings or search for specific topics. Along with articles, UpToDate contains videos about medical procedures.

DailyRounds Doctor’s App 

The program provides access to a large medical network thanks to mobile development services created exclusively for doctors to exchange experiences and news from the world of medicine.


It is a universal reference, where you can find any information related to medical topics, from the anatomical atlas to practical recommendations for the management of patients with a specific disease.


It is a diagnostic assistant application. With its help, the practitioner can double-check the diagnosis. All data in the program are confirmed by the results of studies reviewed in dozens of specialized publications.


It is an informative resource that can be equated with a universal medical reference. Here are concentrated original articles on various topics, news from the world of medicine, annotations to medicines, tests for their compatibility, etc.

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Mobile Applications in the Healthcare Industry: 10 Ways They Can Help You

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