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Moby is an American musician, songwriter, singer, producer, and animal rights activist. He has sold 20 million records worldwide. How rich is Moby?

Singer. Born on September 11, 1965 in Harlem, New York City, New York, United States. Moby fortune is estimated at around 22 million euros. After starting out with the guitar and piano at the age of nine, he played in several underground punk rock bands in the 1980s before turning to electronic dance music. In 1989 he moved to New York City and became a prolific figure as a DJ, producer and remixer. His 1991 single “Go” was his mainstream breakthrough, reaching number 10 in the UK. In addition to his music career, Moby is known for his veganism and support for animal welfare and humanitarian aid.

Common name: Richard Melville Hall
Moby size: 1.71 m
Nationality: American
His career began: 1978

What is Moby’s net worth?
Moby’s assets are currently € 22 million.

Record labels: Instinct, Elektra, Mute, Little Idiot / Fontana, V2, EMI, Virgin, Because.
Music genres: Electronica, downbeat, ambient, rock music, techno.
Music group: Vatican Commandos, Hanzel and Gretyl.
Is also often searched for: Paul Oakenfold, Sinéad O’Connor, deadmau5, Gwen Stefani.

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Moby fortune

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