Monty Williams and His New Wife Lisa Keeth

After the death of his first wife in a car accident in 2016, Monty Williams found love again in Lisa Keeth. They are both professionals in the sports industry and both worked for the San Antonio Spurs. She was a volleyball player at Angelo State University. She is the senior manager of Partnership Activation. They are believed to have married in 2017.

Monty Williams and Lisa Keeth met in Oakland, California, where they met each other. They were soon in love and got married. Monty and Lisa have six kids together. While Lisa Keeth hasn’t revealed details about her children, she has said that she will be a great help to Monty. She will also be a great mother to Monty’s children.

Before tying the knot, Lisa Keeth shared some personal information about herself. While she hasn’t revealed details about her parents, she has a deep love for the sport. She participated in many volleyball competitions during high school and college. She graduated from a well-respected school and continued her education at a top college. Lisa Keeth graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing in 2001.

Rumours of a relationship between Monty Williams and Lisa Keeth have been around for a while. Both married quietly in 2017. The news of Monty’s new wife Lisa Keeth’s marriage was not widely reported. She seems to be supportive and happy for Monty. You will be able to see more details about Monty Williams’ second marriage. Keep checking back for updates! Just because Monty Williams is married to Lisa Keeth doesn’t mean that he’s not dating anyone else.

Monty Williams’s new wife is a fellow runner. Lisa Keeth is the Senior Manager of Partnership Activation for the San Antonio Spurs. They were first introduced in late 2016 and got married in February 2017. Their first child together, Monty Williams, is now the father of five children. Many people were happy to hear about Lisa Keeth’s marriage.

Monty Williams’ new wife, Lisa Keeth, is a businesswoman and former volleyball player. Monty Williams is currently the head coach of the Phoenix Suns basketball team and has been associated with five different NBA teams. The former basketball player was named NBA Coach of the Year in a survey conducted by 100 sports writers. The 2010 season’s record was 173-221.

Monty Williams was the coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2015. The couple met. He was the Thunder’s assistant coach for the 2015-2016 season. Monty Williams was also offered the job of Vice President of Basketball Operations for the San Antonio Spurs. Monty Williams then joined the coaching staff of the Philadelphia 76ers in May 2018. In May 2018, he was appointed the Phoenix Suns’ head coach. The NBCA award for Monty Williams will be handed out at the end of the 2020-2021 season.

Monty Williams and His New Wife Lisa Keeth
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