Mookie Betts High School Bowling Career

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Mookie Betts, a perennial All-Star and leadoff batter for the Los Angeles Dodgers (LA Dodgers), was an accomplished athlete in highschool. While at school, Betts was a standout basketball player and has even incorporated basketball workouts into his off-seasons. He also founded an AAU team and participated in numerous pro-am tournaments. Mookie Betts high school bowling experience may seem unrelated but he is now a star in another sport: bowling.

Betts was also a great bowler during his high school years. The former Overton High School student recently won the second consecutive Gold Glove Award for the second time in his career. He is now the only player in MLB history to have won the award multiple times. His 300-game record was the 10th best of his life. He was recently honored by the World Series of Bowling.

After earning his professional baseball career, Betts chose another sport to keep himself active and focused. Betts began bowling as a child and still enjoys the game today. In high school, he was a coveted All-Star, and at times, he even wore his number 50 jersey across his heels. Betts’ father Diana Benedict encouraged him to bowl during high school.

The young Betts is also a talented bowler who has put in significant work in his off-season. Betts set multiple high school records in his hometown and was named Tennessee Boys Bowler of the Year in 2010 and 2012. This past weekend, Betts returned to the bowling alley and added another 300 to his resume. He is one of the many celebrities competing in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament, which begins January 31 and runs through February 6.

Betts is an outstanding athlete. He was the District 12-AAA MVP his junior year. His average of 14.1 points per game, nine assists, four rebounds and three steals led him to be named Tennessee Boys Bowler of the Year. In addition to being an incredible athlete, Betts also grew up bowling at the Donelson Strike and Spare in Tennessee. And, according to the National Federation of High Schools, high school bowling has increased his participation in sports at the high school level.

A former point guard, Betts has become an all-around athlete in his off-seasons. He’s a top prospect and will test the free agent market again next off-season. He could easily be offered a contract worth $200million or more. Besides, the possibility of retirement is only a decade away, so it’s a long shot, but he’s showing a strong commitment to bowling.

His perfect game is the pinnacle of all athletes. It would be the ultimate dream come true for middle managers, frustrated wives, sports fans, and even middle managers. However, Betts is on his way to doing it, so the PBA would love him to stay on the tour. There’s no reason why Betts shouldn’t be given a permanent spot. And, if he wins the World Series, that would be an added bonus.

Mookie Betts High School Bowling Career
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