Mori Calliope’s New Outfit

mori calliopes new outfit 52522

Mori Calliope’s new outfit is a bold color and a bold statement. The VTuber unveiled her new outfit on December 9, and other Hololive EN stars followed her lead over the next few days. Mori wore a red ball gown with a black sash with a skull motif on it. Watson Amelia opted for a formal look with a black short dress and a tiara in her blonde hair.

December 11th was the day that Hololive EN idols unveiled their new outfits. The first-generation VTubers change their outfits often. Their outfits are updated by Cover Corp every six months to stay consistent with the star’s style. The VTubers have almost ten million YouTube subscribers, and are the face of Hololive EN products.

Mori Calliope’s New Outfit
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