Netflix Power Tips for Streamers in the UK

Netflix Power Tips for Streamers in the UK

The world of streaming has expanded in the last couple of decades, with every streaming platform elevating its game and attracting more and more viewers from across the globe. And despite having so much competition, have you ever wondered how Netflix continues to dominate the streaming business? 

Being one of the most popular streaming services that has a deck of movies and tv shows as well as cult classics and blockbuster summer hits, Netflix offers you a large volume of content to stream all day and night. But what makes it so reliable are the bunch of hacks and features that make streaming easy. By implementing these hacks, you can watch the best movies on Netflix UK. 

Wondering what these hacks are? Continue reading this article because that’s exactly what we’re about to reveal to you. 

Remove Titles from History

If you share your account with someone, this hack will be super useful and save you from embarrassing viewing. How? You have the option to delete selective data from your history. All you have to do is head over to Account and choose the profile menu to click on Viewing activity. You will find everything that you’ve done and that too in chronological order. 

And of course, just click on the delete option to remove the title from your viewing history. You can get away with your partner or friend knowing that you’ve seen a recent episode of a show you both agreed on watching together. 

Chrome Extensions to Check Ratings

There are some chrome extensions that simply elevate your Netflix streaming. For example, you can get yourself IMDb Ratings on Netflix – a great extension that shows you how the critics and fans have responded to the title. This will save you from watching terrible shows and movies. And add more value to your decisions. This extension will serve you well whenever you’re confused and can’t decide what to watch. 

Download Movies 

There are times when you don’t have access to the internet or your internet is acting out, causing you a poor streaming experience. Netflix gives you the ultimate option of downloading TV shows to watch as you go – with or without the internet. You could be traveling and on a flight or situated in any remote place where the internet connection is poor and still watch something to keep yourself entertained. 

Let Jesus Take The Wheel – Or Netflix

Human beings are complex creatures. We love options, but when we’re bombarded with options, we’re unable to take decisions. We take hours to decide what to watch to the point where we sometimes even lose internists to even watch anything. But don’t get trapped in that hellhole. Let Netflix decide what to watch next. Of course, the features are based on your history and preferences. The algorithms can be dangerous, but not when it comes to streaming content on Netflix. 

Netflix Bible is Real 

Don’t you feel that some genres and descriptions available online are just bland? Sometimes, you have to cut your own categories to keep things smooth. Movies are interesting and a mix of genres – subgenres that are yet to be articulated. This option is great for cinephiles, to be honest. You don’t have to deal with bland genres like drama – stream smoothly by searching for keywords like tearjerkers. 

Sort Your Browsing Style 

If you’re not a fan of mindless scrolling until you discover something on the interface, this option will come in handy. Choose Movies or TV and select any of the four boxes in the upper-right corner. Don’t go for the three lines. What will this do? It will essentially change the grid view for you. Now, you will not see any option that isn’t specifically designed for you – cut the noise, as they say. 

Keep Track of the Deck

Every month, there’s a new batch of movies and tv series released on the streaming platform. Most of them come and go without you getting the chance to try them. You can keep a track of them all by bookmarking them and creating your own calendar. 

Better Quality Video

Do you know there are busy hours and lesser busy hours even on a streaming service? There is a study that revealed that during lesser busy hours, the quality of video and speed of the stream increases exponentially. Since as a regular streamer, you’d know that the night is one of the busiest times to stream anything, why not turn into a morning person and binge everything in the early hours of the day?

In Conclusion

Netflix is the most reliable streaming service that has many hacks to make it even better. You can remove titles from your viewing history and add chrome extensions to find reviews and audience reactions. Apart from that, you can download movies to watch as you go and sort your grid and browsing interface. Netflix is truly at the top of its game!

Netflix Power Tips for Streamers in the UK

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