Fashion Trends in 2022

The world of fashion is constantly changing, it’s not only adapting to modern times, but it also brings in lots of creative and innovative ideas. Many of us want to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, and there are a large variety of ways to achieve that. But the question is, what fashion trends are standing out in 2022? What should you consider wearing if you want to stay trendy and fashionable? Here’s a list with some of the most popular trends at this time.

Statement glasses

Statement glasses have become extremely fashionable in 2022. That’s why you want to go with a company that really pushes the boundaries with its designs. Oliver Peoples is a great brand in this field because it focuses on the optical side as well as look and design.

That’s why the Oliver Peoples designs are always standing out, not to mention the company uses only high-tier materials that are durable and very high quality. The company doesn’t focus on sharing a logo, instead, the focus is to make a statement and enhance your look, while also getting the best out of your money. You can visit the Oliver Peoples catalog right away to find the ideal glasses that suit your style.

Statement glasses

Voluminous silhouettes

This one is quite interesting because more and more people are interested in the idea of using puffy clothes. Not only does it bring in a very clever and innovative look, but it also focuses a lot on comfort. We can expect these to become super popular, especially once summer time is over. Still, it’s a cool and fun concept that has been extremely interesting in recent times.

Low rise pants

Another cool fashion trend that’s making the rounds right now is the popularity of low-rise pants. These are quite revealing, but also super comfortable. They are a unique fashion statement, and a lot of people will love them just because they have that unique and fun look you always wanted. We can see them becoming even more popular in the weeks and months to come.

Platform shoes

Another trend that’s coming up is the true focus on platform shoes. There are many reasons why this is a major trend right now. One of them is the fact that you get a retro look with them, something that’s super cool and interesting. On top of that, they are also quite chunky, yet very comfortable. That’s what a lot of trends are focused on right now, comfort and a great value.


Purple is a color that has become more and more prevalent this year, for a variety of reasons. It offers a regal, unique appeal and it’s also visually impressive too. There’s also the fact that it’s a lively color, one that a lot of people appreciate and enjoy using all the time. This unique focus on creativity and style is what really makes it so powerful, and the results themselves are pretty impressive.


Speaking of colors, another one that’s making the rounds right now is pink. That’s especially true when it comes to bold pink coloring. It’s certainly something different and cool, not to mention it allows you to focus more on a bold style. Presentation is everything, and a color like pink can really make a variety of items stand out, while still offering a lot of room for self-expression and comfort.

Bright bags

We will also see more and more bright bags in 2022. Why is that? The main reason is definitely the unique style and quality brought by these bags. These bright bags not only allow you to complement your outfit in a clever way, but you also get to explore a lot of new style ideas. It’s certainly one of those things that can take your look to new heights, and there are plenty of bright colors to choose from.

Bright Bags

Party hemlines

Party hemlines are bound to be extremely popular this summer in particular. They can make you the center of attention, plus you can express yourself with all kinds of great ideas. It’s a really nice and fun concept to check out, one that really helps push the limits and experience to the next level in a very creative manner.

Mushroom prints

Maybe this is a less common trend for some, but it still manages to stand out immensely. And it’s actually easy to see why. These designs are amazing, and the fact that not everyone wears such a print does allow you to stand out. It also makes you an ambassador for things like sustainability and style, which is always a great thing to have.

Fringe dresses

Fringe dresses are fun, and they also allow you to show off your style in a clever way. You can also include a swishy bag with your look in order to make self-expression a lot more engaging and different. You always want to step outside of your comfort zone with your style, and this can be a great way to achieve such a goal.


Having a clothing piece with cutouts can be very clever, it does allow you to come up with all kinds of innovative approaches. Plus, you can stylize and figure out new ways to take your look to the next level. It’s creative and fun, and it still encourages you to test out a vast range of new ideas. This is exactly why you want to give this a try at the very least.

80’s glamor

The nice thing about the 80s is that this was a time of innovation, both in regards to technology and fashion. That’s why the glamorous side of the 80s is making a big comeback since a lot of people loved that time and the fashion choices that they had. Everything from bodycon, mini lengths, and even the cutouts listed above are a product of the 80s. And that’s why a lot of the glamor fashion of that time is making a comeback. It certainly makes a lot of people excited, and it’s certainly worth giving it a shot.

Matching sets

Another trend that you will find in 2022 is the matching set. Matching everything from your top to the skirt and shoes seems to be a major thing in 2022, and we already saw a lot of major brands focused on bringing this idea to life. It’s certainly something interesting and one of those ideas that the younger generation is bound to continue expanding upon all the time.


There are a large variety of fashion trends coming throughout 2022, and it’s an exciting time for anyone that enjoys clothing and enhancing their style. Everything from innovative clothes to wearing Oliver Peoples glasses can really step up your look this year, so it’s a great idea to check out all these trends and give them a try. Who knows, you might end up very impressed with how interesting and rewarding these trends are. It all comes down to giving them a try for yourself and seeing how they fit your style and taste. There’s definitely a lot to uncover and enjoy here, so all you have to do is to browse these trends and see what you like the most!

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Fashion Trends in 2022

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