New Black World Order Conspiracy Theory

The New Black World Order (NWO), is the root cause of all Africa’s problems. This evil organization recruits bright minds from universities. They make them believe they are the best in all of the world, but they are lily-white inside. These recruits are then trained to worship their NWO gods, which are the gods of disorder and confusion. The NWO promotes these gods as development, and they are worshipped by the International Criminal Court, which tries everyone except the NWO’s nationals.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the New World Order is being enacted by governments and corporations to control the world. The surveillance-industrial complex is at the core of this New World Order. Its programs include mass surveillance and bar-coding as well as RFID tagging and microchip implant. The goal of this massive operation is to control human behavior and the minds of those who are part of it.

Many conspiracy theorists believe the New World Order will be implemented by a dramatic coup. In that case, a secret team could use black helicopters to bring about a totalitarian world government, and enforce it with foreign U.N. peacekeepers. According to one conspiracy theory, the New World Order would suspend the Constitution and impose martial law. Additionally, a military commander would lead state and local governments, while dissidents will be held in jails.

Bailey claims that the New World Order is overseen and managed by a group ascended masters. These masters communicate with one another via telepathic means. Once the need for personal involvement rises, the Hierarchy will externalize. This process will take place when humans begin to seek more personal involvement.

The New World Order conspiracy theory has been around since the late 1970s. It includes the conspiracy of aliens from other planets. These aliens are known as “Greys”, “Reptilians”, and are believed to be from other dimensions. The theories have been backed by many prominent writers, including Milton William Cooper, David Icke, and Stan Deyo.

Numerous conspiracy theories have been put forth and books about this new order have been written. Many of them were written and published by Jim Marrs and Dennis Laurence Cuddy. These books have become authoritative in many conspiracy theories. For example, the Protocols are cited in ZOG theory and other contemporary conspiracy literature. The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail was one such book. It was controversially published in 1982.

Although there is no evidence to support a New World Order in concrete terms, conspiracy theorists believe it is being implemented slowly. The United States Federal Reserve System was established in 1913, and the Council on Foreign Relations was founded in 1921. It is the next step of the New World Order.

Anarchists and Marxists believe that the world is moving from the American Empire to a global ruling class. The Empire is the highest stage of the capitalist economic system. The New World Order is the result a conspiracy. But right-wing conspiracy theorists are blinded to their anti-communist ideology.

New Black World Order Conspiracy Theory
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