New Cumberland Weather Forecast

The weather in New Cumberland is characterized by two distinct seasons: a wet and dry season. The wetter season lasts 4.9 months and averages 11.2 day of rainfall. The drier season lasts 7.1 months, from August 27 to March 31. The dry season has less precipitation with an average of three days without significant precipitation in May.

The average weather in New Cumberland was calculated using statistical analysis of hourly meteorological reports. This estimate is currently based on the contributions of 2 weather stations located near the city. Each station’s temperature and dew point are corrected for differences in elevation. This provides a more accurate New Cumberland weather forecast.

New Cumberland has a moderate climate, with humid summers and cold winters. The weather in the region is often partly cloudy. The average temperature varies between 23degF and 86degF. The coldest month is January. Average daily low temperatures are around 25degF, with a high of 38degF.

New Cumberland weather is generally mild with rare severe weather. This region does not have any travel warnings or advisories. Although October is the most visited month, very few tourists visit the region during October. There are many attractions to choose from in the area.

New Cumberland’s growing season lasts approximately 6.6 months. The growing season in New Cumberland begins after March 23 and ends after October 10. It also ends after November 15. The growing season is marked by a black line that represents the percentage chance of a day falling within this period. In New Cumberland, the yearly temperature accumulation is measured using growing degree days. These days are defined as the number of days above the base temperature minus the number of days above the maximum temperature.

The forecast for MONDAY is mostly cloudy with a slight chance of rain in the afternoon and evening. The temperature will remain comfortable due to a light breeze. The temperature will reach around twenty degrees during the day and dip to around 14 degrees at night. However, the day after will be cloudy with a slight chance for thunderstorms.

New Cumberland Weather Forecast
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