New Neponset Pumping Station Coming to Canton, Mass

A new neponset pumping station is coming to Canton. The town is located in the Stoughton, Mass. area. The Neponset River flows into Boston. The town has a high yield aquifer beneath Wompatuck Golf Course, Reservoir Pond, and the Massachusetts Hospital School. The town also has a large area of land along the Neponset River. Potential well sites should be protected by an overlay district designation, bylaws and land acquisition. To respond to road spillages, the town will need to work with adjacent communities.

The Neponset River basin drains about 117 square miles of eastern Massachusetts. It flows approximately 28 miles between Foxborough and Dorchester Bay. The portion of Canton that drains into the Neponset River lies near Dedham. The East Branch of the Neponset is a major tributary, and much of southern Canton falls within its watershed. The streamflow of the Neponset River is usually below 90 percent during drought.

The new pumping station proposed will help Canton cope with water shortages, and improve the quality drinking water for surrounding communities. Canton’s watershed is home to 32 percent forestland and less that two percent cropland. It is considered a natural resource. The city has two commuter rail stations. The town also has a strong transportation network, with convenient walking distances to important amenities. This development project will benefit Canton’s future growth.

The North-South Rail Link is a multi-billion-dollar project that would connect the two stations in the city. This project would be added to Route 128 to help ease the city’s traffic congestion. It would allow Amtrak trains from Canton to Portland, Maine to pass through Canton. Canton commuters could then park in the town garage, or at the Route 128 Station garage. This plan is still in its early stages.

SEA Consultants conducted a study to analyze the water needs of Canton. The study was conducted over the period 1989-1998. The study showed that the average annual flow of water in the Canton sewer system was 3.6 MGD. This figure included both the actual discharged sewage and infiltration into the collection system. The study also found that the water storage capacity was sufficient for Canton’s peak hour needs and fire protection needs through 2020.

The new pumping station will be built next to the existing one. It was more than 40 years old and had an average capacity of 35 million gallons each day. The new pumping station will have the potential to increase its firm capability, which is the capacity of the pump without the largest pump being in use. It can now process up to 90,000,000 gallons of water each day. The Town will be able to cut down on water consumption by half with the new pumping station.

The Canton water demand is stable. However, more industrial and commercial development is expected to increase the water requirement. Water demand estimates are often based on the square footage of proposed development times 75 GPD for every 1000 square feet. A 2000 SEA study projected commercial and industrial water demand for Canton up to the year 2020. It predicted that the commercial and industrial water demand would rise from 0.48 MGD 2000 to 0.77 MGD 2020, which is nearly 24 percent of the total demand.

New Neponset Pumping Station Coming to Canton, Mass
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