NFL Announcer Salary

You might be interested in becoming an NFL announcer. You’re not the only one curious. There are also a number of other people making big bucks in the NFL. Here are some people who earn over $100k a year. Here are their income sources if you want to join them. In addition to their TV shows and radio show, NFL announcers make a lot of money by covering games.

Many of the top NFL announcers make a lot of money, but Tony Romo may be the most famous of all. According to a recent article in The New York Times, Aikman is in negotiations to sign a five-year contract with ESPN worth around $90 million. Aikman’s salary is more than twice that of the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, who earned $4million a year from CBS.

A year ago, the NFL signed massive rights deals with major television networks. The league was paid $2 billion by Fox, NBC and CBS for “Monday Night Football” as well as multiple Super Bowls. The broadcasts attracted nearly half the television audience. Therefore, the NFL could afford top-dollar salaries for their announcers. It’s only natural that they would seek out the best players for their broadcasts.

Although NFL announcers can make millions, the vast majority of them will never reach that “rich and famous” status. That’s because they’re up against hundreds of other broadcasters for every gig. If you are interested in becoming a NFL announcer, it is a good idea to start your college education now. The pay will only grow as you get more experience and your salary rises. Broadcasters rarely disclose the exact salary of their announcers.

Dasey Raftery is a ESPN broadcaster whose salary ranges from six to seven figures. This ESPN broadcaster is best known for his unique commentary phrases, such as “Onions!”

As the lead play-by-play voice for CBS, Jim Nantz earns a reported $10.5 million a year. This puts him on par for Joe Buck of FOX and Mike Tirico of NBC. However, there’s no way to know the actual amount of Tony Romo’s deal with the network, but his salary is much more than any other NFL announcer makes.

Al Michaels, NBC’s broadcaster for play-by-play, will likely increase his salary through his next contract. The former NBC broadcaster is believed to be interested in working with Aikman. ESPN is also believed to be interested in Michaels’ hiring. Michaels is expected make a lot of money at the Super Bowl. Al Michaels is not the only TV network that has his attention.

Cris Collinsworth also makes a lot of money as an NFL announcer. His salary is rising with multiple lucrative business ventures. He is hoping to land a four-year contract with NBC that will pay him $12.5 million per season. The contract is “deeply negotiated” with the network. In the meantime, CBS signed Tony Romo to a ten-year, $180 million deal, making him the highest-paid broadcaster in 2020.

NFL Announcer Salary
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