Novel Protein Dog Food – Why Is It Essential and How Can It Help Your Pets?

Novel Protein Dog Food

If you have a dog, you probably already know that they are energetic creatures who love to run, jump and play. Your four-legged companion chasing after you around the house is one of the best things about being a pet owner.

After all, who does not want to play with their tail? However, playing hard can become damaging for your dog’s joints, so the solution may be as simple as changing his diet.

To run around like crazy, your four-legged friend needs energy in the form of carbohydrates and fats. That is where novel protein comes in. A novel protein diet helps build muscle rather than breaking it down – this means that these foods do not contribute to weight gain as other treats do.

What Is a Novel Protein?

A novel protein is a protein that your dog has never been exposed to before. It is different from limited ingredient formulas, which may contain a single protein source such as beef or chicken, but are not necessarily new proteins. 

Examples of novel protein sources for dogs are bison, venison, kangaroo, rabbit, duck, and fish. Choosing food with one of these unique proteins from online portals can help your dog get the benefits of eating a novel diet.

Novel protein dog food is important for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. When dogs are allergic to traditional proteins in their diets like chicken or beef, they can suffer from symptoms like itchy skin and chronic ear infections. 

Typically limited ingredient diets do not go far enough to make much difference. However, switching to a diet with a novel protein can help your pet feel better fast! Symptoms that might suggest that your pup needs novel protein nutrition include:

  • Excessive scratching/itching (including at paws)
  • Redness on ears or around eyes/muzzle
  • Crustiness along with ears
  • Hot spots on the skin

Is Your Dog Allergic?

If you notice that your dog has been scratching more and seems to have itchy skin, then it may be a seasonal allergy. However, if it experiences a runny nose, coughing, or sneezing all year round, it may have food allergies.

Dogs can develop allergies at any age in life, and they can range from environmental to food allergies. If you suspect that your dog might have an allergy, take him to the vet as soon as possible. 

To find out the exact allergy, your vet will perform a series of tests on your dog. If it turns out that this is just a seasonal allergy, there are tons of home remedies you can use to treat him until his symptoms subside or go away altogether. You can also look for medications at stores like PetCareRx, but it is best to get a vet’s advice beforehand. 

How Does a Novel Protein Diet Work?

A novel protein diet has only one single source of protein. This kind of food, when used as a prescription diet, contains only a single type of protein (usually something that your dog has not previously eaten) and a few other ingredients. 

The idea behind the diet is that many dog allergies get caused by an adverse reaction to one or more proteins in food. By eliminating those proteins from a dog’s diet, you can help them overcome allergies and even digestive issues relating to intolerance.

If your veterinarian has prescribed this kind of regimen for your pet, they believe there is some allergy at work with your pet’s symptoms. Your veterinarian will likely provide specific instructions about which foods not to feed your pet during their trial run on this new prescription diet. 

A Single Source Protein Diet

When you think of novel protein dog food, remember that it is a diet that contains a single source of protein. Lamb and rice is probably the most common example.

There are many different novel protein dog foods, and you can get beef and rice, venison and potatoes, duck and sweet potatoes. Novel diets can also contain grains, corn, wheat, and soybeans, but they are not always necessary.

The novel proteins are not previously part of an animal’s diet through traditional commercial brands. It can be in the form of kibbles or canned wet food formulas made from meat byproducts such as chicken necks/feet/organs or other animals’ skin/hair/fur, etc.


Though processed foods are often the most convenient choice, they can be unhealthy and cause problems in sensitive dogs. Novel protein dog food is a better option, as it gets formulated to be especially healthy for your pet. 

These diets are safe for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs, and they also taste good! When you shop for food for your pup, remember to look for novel protein diet options and do what is best for your dog’s health.

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Novel Protein Dog Food – Why Is It Essential and How Can It Help Your Pets?

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