Olive Reclining

Olive Reclining Chair

Your lifestyle and needs may dictate that you select a recliner upholstered in performance fabric which is easy to clean, stain-resistant and tear proof – ideal for households with children and pets as these fabrics help prevent accidents caused by spills and accidents.

Sleeping in a recliner each night should generally be safe if it provides adequate head, neck and lumbar support; however it’s wise to switch positions every 30 minutes or so for optimal results.

Early Life and Education

Recliner sleeping is generally safe as long as it offers adequate head, neck and lumbar support; however, for best results it is advisable to get up and move around every 30 minutes to prevent back pain or other health problems from developing.

Olive moved to Oxford in 1879 where she found work as secretary for historian MRD Foot. A vibrant, active woman, Olive showed great curiosity for all things social and political – never allowing work or its obligations to interfere with these pursuits.

Havelock Ellis was her lifelong friend, according to Phyllis Grosskurth; they spent their lives attending meetings, lectures, art galleries and drinking late into the night in pubs together. Both shared similar views regarding women’s emancipation, free love and marriage.

Personal Life

Olive Reclining Chair is ideal for gardens, pool yards or sun rooms and goes particularly well around teak extension tables. Made of Indonesia teak wood combined with Ferrari batyline from France for durability and easy folding storage when not in use – making this piece of garden furniture an investment for years.

Olive Reclining
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