Oliver Rothschild

Oliver Rothschild, 64, Gets the Red Carpet Treatment in China

Charming British accent and an esteemed family name can go far in China, as evidenced by this case involving a 64-year-old London entrepreneur with both. Red carpet treatment was given him.

Tsinghua University lauded him as an integral member of the Rothschild family and global financial investor, entrepreneurial strategist, and philanthropist – but upon closer examination his past proves otherwise.

Early Life and Education

Conspiracy theorists believe the Rothschild family to be among the wealthiest in the world and have pointed to them as having significant control of its financial system, manipulating currency markets and even exerting influence through media ownership to influence our thoughts.

China is well known for swindlers posing as government officials to receive gifts or attend fundraising events, yet one with an attractive British accent and special surname managed to con Tsinghua University into believing he was one. His story was reported by Economic Observer and widely publicized throughout state media outlets.

His LinkedIn profile lists over 30 current or past positions as chairman, director, patron of various small companies and charitable organizations. He serves as senior entrepreneurship fellow at University of Essex as well as working with private sector health and development clients as well as non-profit organizations.

Professional Career

An upper-class English accent and a well-known family name can open many doors in China. Oliver Rothschild has proven this countless times at high-profile events organized by Chinese colleges and institutions.

He holds positions as chairman, director or patron in over 30 companies and charitable organizations, leading strategy and digital innovation teams at both EF Education (one of the world’s premier international education companies) and Doctify (a healthcare technology platform connecting patients and physicians).

But despite his high-profile events, most organizations he claims to be part of have never heard of him or seen company data showing minimal assets and liabilities for him. Furthermore, the UK branch of Rothschild family states he is not part of their clan.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver Rothschild often had the air of being an heir to his banking dynasty with his thick British accent and proper name, and became a sought-after attraction at business roadshows and other gatherings for wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs and government officials.

Due to his family legacy, his name and face have become targets for conspiracy theorists and antisemites alike who use it to represent Jews as controlling the world. Furthermore, its usage as shorthand for an influential financial empire makes its use by them even more likely.

Rothschild has become one of the leading global investors, founding companies such as Kepler University and Spire Education in Africa as well as running Doctify – one of the UK healthcare technology platforms. Additionally, he currently sits on EF’s board of directors as well as being an advisor at Oaktree Capital on digital healthcare strategies.

Personal Life

Oliver Rothschild has long been considered an international man of excellence and boasts numerous high-level connections that make his presence at any event or conference instantaneously profitable. A frequent guest at parties in London, Oliver is also the CEO of a growth company consultancy.

Since 2007, he has worked at McKinsey and as Chief of Staff of Massachusetts Medicaid. There, he helped manage policy and operations of their $13 billion health insurance program. Additionally, he served as senior entrepreneur fellow at University of Essex as well as ambassador for Reignwood Group – owners of Wentworth golf course.

He serves on the board of Kepler, a 21st-century liberal arts college designed for emerging economies. Multiple Chinese institutions mistook him for being part of the Rothschild family; Tsinghua University issued an apology due to overlooking their background check process.

Net Worth

Rothschilds are known for their wealth. This banking dynasty contributed funds for Wellington’s armies at Waterloo and some even believe they control our thoughts via media ownership.

But how are a handful of people so quickly rich? Luck plays a big part here; these individuals sell shovels that make the difference between an abundance of riches for all and one where most don’t.

Oliver Rothschild, who holds a PhD in hotel management and claims to be an established investor and business strategist, has recently made headlines for his activities in China. He frequently speaks at events sponsored by colleges, businesses and think tanks across China.

Oliver Rothschild
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