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Oliver Robert Platt

Oliver is an avid reader who takes great pleasure in discovering local chili restaurants. Additionally, he enjoys jazz music and walking his wife and rescue beagle.

Robert Tarbell Oliver is an American author and lecturer specializing in public speaking, argumentation and debate, Asian rhetorical traditions, as well as writing a number of books on them.

Early Life and Education

Oliver hails from Lawton, Oklahoma where he excelled as an athlete in high school sports such as basketball, football and wrestling – as well as taking part in Junior Olympics events.

Oliver’s story is drawn from Charles Dickens’ classic novel of the same name. In it, an orphan escapes a harsh workhouse and joins Fagin’s criminal gang of juvenile pickpockets led by Fagin.

Ron Moody as Fagin and Mark Lester as Oliver Twist received widespread acclaim, while Oliver Reed as Bill Sikes became an instant household name thanks to its success; since then he has gone on to star in numerous other films and television shows, most recently Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – a weekly satirical look at current affairs that both informs and entertains its viewers.

Professional Career

After national service in the Royal Air Force, Oliver received an honours degree from University College London. Subsequently he joined Fair Isaac Corporation – renowned for credit risk scoring – as an employee, becoming board member and chairman. Oliver also helped secure government consulting work for Fair Isaac Corporation.

Oliver made an impressionful debut for the Pirates during 1965 season after excelling at minor league levels and earning promotion to majors for 1965 season. Making his first majors appearance in September, Oliver quickly became fan-favorite due to his aggressive play. Primarily used at first base but often transitioned between third and outfield as the team saw fit; this disrupted his performance as it never seemed settled into one position for long.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver dedicated much of his time and efforts to community service, holding leadership roles in numerous local organizations. He served on and chaired various boards such as Saint Agnes Medical Center Foundation, Rotary Club of Fresno and Fresno County Historical Society; additionally he also sat on both State Bar Association of California and National Conference of Bar Foundation boards.

He served as a volunteer in Ethiopia for three years and worked on the Global School Feeding Program of the World Food Programme. His work examines the intersection of human and natural worlds, advocating for recognition of nature without separation. These themes were explored through art, teaching and community collaborations exhibited both here in America as well as internationally.

Personal Life

Oliver discovered medicine after experiencing a life-altering illness and became passionate about medicine, ultimately choosing family practice as his specialty of choice. Oliver enjoys developing long-term relationships with both his patients and their families and enjoys seeing all age groups of patients from diverse backgrounds.

He campaigned for the creation of Alberta and Saskatchewan as provinces. He often criticised Ottawa for its policies in western Canada and was an outspoken opponent of Robert Laird Borden*’s Conservative government.

He also appeared in many movies and television shows, becoming best-known for playing Athos from Alexander Dumas’ classic novel ‘The Three Musketeers’ and then reprising him again in its sequel ‘The Four Musketeers’.

Net Worth

Oliver Platt is a well-known Hollywood icon renowned for his incredible acting talents. He has graced millions of TV and movie screens around the world in films like Married to the Mob, Bulworth, and The West Wing – among many others.

Oliver has established himself as a chef, opening restaurants in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and Sydney. Additionally, he has undertaken various campaigns against Turkey Twizzlers while teaching underprivileged individuals how to cook.

Oliver is an active stock trader, having made over 21 transactions over the last six years. His largest purchase was 10,000 units of Yield10 Bioscience Inc stock on 1 October 2019 worth $5,600 – with an average trading activity of 1,905 units every four days.

oliver robert
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