Optivisor Dog Visor

The Optivisor dog visor provides UV and physical protection for the eyes and face. Depending on the model, it can be made in a variety of sizes and UV protection levels. The clear model is for dogs without UV sensitivity and is ideal to use every day. The tinted model is designed for dogs with photosensitivity or other degenerative eye conditions like pannus (also known as chronic superficial Keratitis). The Optivisor dogvisors are adjustable, so your pet will have the perfect protection.

The Optivisor is made of a transparent plastic cover. It covers your dog’s head and face, but leaves the ears unaffected. The visor does not interfere with your dog’s vision or hearing. However, it’s important to note that this type of device can be uncomfortable for your dog. It should fit properly. It’s important to check with your veterinarian if your dog will accept the neck collar.

The Optivisor dog vizor features an adjustable Velcro collar with chin strap and Velcro collar. The head rest is comfortable and allows for air flow. It also prevents echo. Unlike the elizabethan collar, this device has an ergonomic head rest. It’s also adjustable at the chin strap and neck, allowing for maximum flexibility. The Novaguard allows your dog to move freely through narrow passages, while also being comfortable.

The Optivisor is a high-tech eye and face protection collar. It’s designed for dogs with eye surgery, or those in need of special eye care. The collar comes in three sizes to suit any dog. It is also useful for blind dogs recovering from surgery. It protects their eyes and makes them feel more confident. The Optivisor dog visor can be an important tool for blind dogs around the world. Visit the Optivisor website for more information.

Optivisor Dog Visor
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