Going On The First Date? Outfit Ideas To Make It Surprised

Outfit Ideas

Planning a first date is always exciting and overwhelming. You start getting conscious and picky about all aspects to make a lasting first impression. One of the most nail-biting tasks is to decide the attire for the date.

Sure, first impressions are not just about the looks, but how you present yourself in front of your date decides whether or not you are going on a second date. So, you would want to make sure that your first date outfit is on point and also makes you feel like yourself. Feeling like you are trying to be someone you are not, by slipping into something you are not comfortable with, is a mistake to avoid at all costs.

There are some colors that are successful in instilling confidence amongst its wearers. Based on a survey, 56% of participants gave the general verdict that black color reflects confidence. In this percentage, 48% of women and 64% of men were in favor of this. So, it’s preferable to go with the colors you think will suit and compliment your personality and choice.

You can also go and check out a reputed women’s clothing store or look for it online, to get clothes of your choice at reasonable prices. So, are you confused about what to wear on your first date? Let these ideas help you out:

1. Everyone’s Go-To: Jeans and Top

If you are a person comfortable with jeans, then pairing a good fitting jeans with a contrasting puffy sleeves top can be a great first date outfit. You can also go for a shimmery top with some different kinds of sleeves and unique color.

You can also tuck in a turtle neck top in your jeans and club the outfit with accessories that top it and a hat if it suits your taste.

2. Matching Top and Skirt Set

This combination of clothes can really make a nice first impression. You can style this outfit with a blazer and a hat as well.

If you are not keen on the option of wearing hats, you can also wear a nice pair of sunglasses to make the overall look more stylish. And lastly, don’t forget a nice side bag and a beautiful pair of sandals.

3. Dress with Sneakers

This lovely casual look can be a good idea for a lunch date. You can pair the dress with a white pair of sneakers or any other color as long as it goes with the dress.

You can also wear a watch or a delicate bracelet to complete the look and make it more elegant. Another accentuating accessory can be an anklet which would show how much attention you have put in the detailing of this casual and comfy look.

4. Camisole with Jeans Shorts or a Skirt

This could be a basic yet chic look. You can also pair it with a nice mini bag as well. If you are wearing jeans shorts, wear a bold colored pair of shoes or wear a pair of heels if you are going with the option of skirts.

Accessorize with a pair of statement earrings or a neckpiece to make the look voguish and sophisticated. A hairdo involving beach waves with a center partition can make you look classy and is enough to make all the difference.

5. Jumpsuit

You can also go for a jumpsuit that fits you well and also cinch it at the waist using a belt. Couple the jumpsuit with a pair of hoops or a bracelet. You can also wear stilettos and do a nice hairdo to make your look more fancy and elegant.

6. Shirt and Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms are a very comfortable piece of clothing and pairing them with a nice shirt with rolled up sleeves and a few buttons left unbuttoned from the top can really spice up the look.

You can club the look with a sling bag and a pair of sneakers as well. To give it a more casual yet classy look, you can make a high ponytail or straighten your hair.

Over to you…

Dressing up for the first date is no rocket science if you go with the trend, your comfort, and style. Take a look at these ideas, see what suits you the best and don’t wear anything that makes you uncomfortable!

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Going On The First Date? Outfit Ideas To Make It Surprised

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