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Pablo Escobar was a Colombian drug lord and narcoterrorist who was the founder and sole leader of the Medellín cartel. How rich is Pablo Escobar?

Drug lord. Born on December 1, 1949 in Rionegro, Colombia. Pablo Escobar’s net worth is estimated at around $ 30 billion. Escobar is the richest criminal in history. In 1976, Escobar founded the Medellín cartel. His life has also served as inspiration or has been dramatized in film, television, and music.

Bourgeois name: Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
Pablo Escobar spouse: Maria Victoria Henao (married 1976–1993).
Children: Sebastián Marroquín, Manuela Escobar.
Pablo Escobar size: 1.66 m
Nationality: Colombian
Her career began: 1975

What is Pablo Escobar’s net worth?
Pablo Escobar’s net worth is currently $ 30 billion.

Siblings: Roberto Escobar, Luz María Escobar, Alba Marina Escobar, Luis Fernando Escobar, Argemiro Escobar, Gloria Inés Escobar.
Died: December 2, 1993, Medellin, Colombia.
Is also often searched for: Joaquín Guzmán, Gustavo Gaviria, Wagner Moura, Virginia Vallejo.

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Pablo Escobar fortune

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