Panasonic DMR-E85HS Progressive-Scan DVD Player/Recorder With 120 GB Hard Drive

A 120GB hard drive is an excellent feature for any DVD player, and this Panasonic DMR-6070 is no exception. With its built-in 160GB hard drive, this Panasonic DVD player/recorder has the ability to record up to 284 hours of material. The DMR-6070 can also play DVDs-Video, music CDs and MP3 discs. It’s also a progressive-scan player, which means the image quality is excellent.

When you purchase a Panasonic DMRE 85HS, you’ll receive a nice unit, a remote control, and other paperwork. The 120GB hard drive of the Panasonic DMRE85HS is high-quality and has a high quality image. The DMR-T6070 also features an IEEE 1394 DV input that allows you to connect your DVD player to a DV camera to record to a DVD-RAM disk.

This DVD recorder also lets you record TV shows to recordable DVD media. The DVD recorder supports dubbing from VHS or DVD, but not copy-protected programs. It also has relief recording, which means that you can watch the recording while it’s in progress and record to the hard drive if the recording time is too long. Using the DMR-E85H’s high-speed dubbing capability, the DMR-E85H’s hard drive is a great investment for any home. It can store 213 hours worth of television programs and has many useful features. You can preview the content and make a selection of shows into one DVD. It is extremely fast and can record an hour of program to DVD-RAM in just about 30 seconds.

There are several DVD Multi decks from Samsung, Panasonic, and Toshiba. The new Panasonic dmre85hs progressive-scan DVD player/recorder with 120 GB hard drive is a great choice. This device also supports DVD-RW discs and is compatible with both DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs. With the extra storage, this recorder can perform simultaneous record and playback feats. This recorder can record in VR mode.

Panasonic DMR-E85HS Progressive-Scan DVD Player/Recorder With 120 GB Hard Drive
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