Path of Exile – Choosing Which Bandit to Help

It can be difficult to decide which bandit to help in Path of Exile. It’s tempting to give your support to the most likely bandit, but you’ll actually get more from killing all three Bandits. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to determine whether you should be helping one bandit over the others and get more rewards for it in the long run.

After the first act, the first part of Path of Exile’s questline, Deal with the Bandits begins. After completing Through Sacred Ground, you’ll speak with Eramir, a man who can give you some information about various bandits. Eramir will show you three places where they can be found. From there, you can choose to help one bandit or all three.

After you’ve completed the corresponding quest, you’ll be able to move on to the next section of the game: Deal with the Bandits. You’ll need to kill two bandit leaders. You will receive +40 Maximum Life for killing Alira. You might consider siding with Kraityn, depending on your build, to earn multiple speed bonuses. This is a safe option that will help you balance any weak areas.

Alira is a great choice if you are looking for a bandit to help with your progress. It can give you more character power in the middle and early tiers, and can be very helpful in the end game. You can save time and effort by hiring Alira. You’ll want to find a bandit who has a lot of bonuses to help you with your quest.

You can modify the Bandit Lords’ reward in Path of Exile. Unlike before, you can change the reward whenever you want. You can now choose to help Alira by selling your Book of Reform to a vendor, and get two passive skill points in return. This item also grants you 15% elemental resistances, and an additional ten mana per regen. This means that you can have more mana then you currently have.

As a bandit, you can use a skill point to boost your attack speed, which is an essential aspect of a bandit’s role. A single node can deal +18 damage, which is great for a marauder. If you’re a softcore player, you can opt for +12 physical damage instead. Alira is the best bandit for you if you’re a marauder. It increases elemental resistances, and boosts critical strike.

A Bandit can be a great way to improve a skill. In Path of Exile, you can spend passive skill points on this bandit by completing quests that ask you to help the bandit in their town. Whether you choose to help Alira or not, you’ll be rewarded with more physical damage, elemental resistances, and life regen. The best thing about killing bandit NPCs is that it’s worth it.

Path of Exile – Choosing Which Bandit to Help
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