Perks of Suburban Life

Suburban Life

89% of Australians live in cities with a population of over 100,000, meeting the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ definition of Major Urban Areas. Brisbane is the smallest city with over 2 million people, although it’s 10 times the size of Metropolitan London.

Australia isn’t as urban as it seems when examined in terms of population density. Residents no longer want to be crammed into the confines of cities.

Suburban life is quickly becoming the country’s most popular living situation. Read our article to learn about the reasons behind this trend.

Perks of Suburban Life

Cities have an air of glitz and glamour about them, and they may also offer more employment opportunities and easier commuting. Despite these benefits, there are several reasons that residents prefer to live outside the city.

A few of the many perks of living in the suburbs include increased living space and privacy, better schools, a pleasant mix of urban and suburban life, specialized local governments, a stronger sense of community, a lower cost of living, and better health.

Space and Privacy

Suburban homes have more total square footage. They aren’t squished together like urban apartments, giving you room for a more spacious backyard for children or pets.

A bit of distance from your neighbors also affords your family more privacy. You’ll be able to stay at home or put up protections such as privacy fences and blinds when you want to avoid your neighbors.


There’s one major reason that many parents choose to move to the suburbs; they have better schools. This includes larger classrooms with better teacher-to-student ratios.

You’ll have to pay higher property taxes for this luxury, but at least you’ll know the money is going towards superior education.

Unique Mix of Urban and Suburban Life

Suburbs that are directly outside of the city are one of the best options for those who are torn between urban and suburban living. They offer the benefits of both types of areas. You’ll get access to local libraries, parks, and schools as well as larger boutique shops and cultural spots.

Small businesses benefit greatly from suburbs because the rent is cheaper and they can attract customers from both the city and the areas around it.


Unlike cities, each suburb has a local government. This can decrease the amount of bureaucracy you’ll face when it comes time for policy changes to be enacted. It’s easier to communicate with a local mayor about any necessary changes than the larger legislative body of a state or city.


Approximately 1/3 of Australian adults aren’t involved in any social or community groups. This has a greater impact on their overall health and wellbeing than they may have ever realized.

Having a community is essential to maintaining mental health because it gives us a place to belong and safely talk about our feelings. It also helps ward off physical problems such as sleep disorders, heart disease, and immune system problems.

Living in the suburbs makes it easier to foster a lasting sense of community than it would if you’d chosen a home in the city. The smaller size of the area makes you feel closer to everyone around you.

You’ll also have an easier time setting up playdates and finding friends for your children. This ensures that they also benefit from a strong community.

Volunteer and activism efforts have the greatest possible impact when performed in the suburbs. The results of your labor will go directly to those who need it, increasing the sense of community you feel even further.

Lower Cost of Living

Paying less for a larger suburban home isn’t the only way you’ll get more for your money by moving there.

Your household expenses and rent or mortgage payments will also be lower. Certain suburbs have homes with mortgage payments that are more affordable than rent in the nearby cities.

You may even save money on incidental expenses like parking. The cost of items at local stores will also be lower because they won’t have the markups that city sellers use to convince tourists to pay more.

Health Benefits

Suburban life can even improve your health and increase your life expectancy. This is because residents tend to have:

  • Better health insurance
  • Access to higher quality health care and nutritious food
  • More areas for outdoor recreation
  • Better utilities

These improvements, combined with the other improvements that suburban life provides, give you a longer, healthier, happier life. This is perhaps the most important perk of suburban life.

Choosing a Suburb

The perks of suburban life may have you contemplating a move, but they’re not the only thing to keep in mind during such an important decision. Remember to think about budget, commuting time, and cost.

There are plenty of suburbs to choose from in the Brisbane area, and knowing which ones tend to be the best can help you narrow down your choices. They excel in certain areas such as living conditions, work and school opportunities, or entertainment and atmosphere.

The best suburbs to live in around Brisbane include:

  • Toowong
  • Coorparoo
  • Tarragindi
  • Mount Gravatt

The best suburbs to work or go to school in include:

  • North Lakes
  • Mango Hill
  • Newstead
  • Springfield Lakes

The best suburbs for entertainment and atmosphere include:

  • South Brisbane
  • Woolloongabba
  • Kelvin Grove
  • Herston
  • Fortitude Valley

All of these areas are wonderful options, but be sure to do your research before taking the plunge so that you can get the best possible experience by living in the suburb that’s right for you.

Where to Learn More About Suburban Life

Australia is a highly urbanized country, but not all of its residents prefer to live in its cities. Many of them are beginning to realize the benefits of the suburbs.

You’ll have more space and privacy if you live in a town outside of a city but won’t have to sacrifice the experience of either area. You’ll also find better schools for your children, gain a stronger sense of community, improve your health, and more.

Read the rest of our content to learn more about suburban life and how to find the best home for you and your family.

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Perks of Suburban Life

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