What To Include in a Tech Moving Checklist?

Tech Moving Checklist

Are you planning to move your office? If yes, then moving all the stuff, employees and everything else might be easier than moving technology. A tech-moving checklist is only the thing that can make the task a bit easier and efficient. From IT technology to network infrastructure, you have to transport everything to your new office. To do it successfully, you should have a proper plan and strategy that works out great.

Here you can easily get comprehensive things to-do list!!!

First of considering whether it is a DIY move or you will hire IT, service providers. You should never take risk of moving tech when you don’t have any knowledge regarding it. Hiring professionals to do the job is always a great idea to complete it.

Prepare layout:

The most reputed national movers in the network of Pricing Van Lines state that before you move your technology or network, it is important to assign a place to all the technology you present in your office. You should also consider the expansion of the technology if required. As you know the most important part of the technology is the server room and you should try to assign a proper location to it.

Determine what will be the right locations for the types of equipment of employees such as printers, computers, desktops, fax and so on. You can get the help of a layout designer or online software or applications to do the procedure with ease.

Make an inventory of all your technical equipment:

In an organization, there are numerous technical equipment available and this is just the perfect time to decide which equipment is good in condition and which you want to take along with you and which are not. This is also a good time if you want to upgrade or update some of the equipment. You should either sell or dispose of the items that you are not taking with you.  Make an inventory list of all the useable items in your possession.

If you have borrowed any technical equipment from nearby offices then it is time to give it back to them before you pack.

Set up the proper dates to turn off/on the internet services:

Of course, your employees won’t be able to perform any job if the internet is not working in your office, therefore, it is recommended you to consider transferring all the utilities that you are using in your current office and also requires in the new office. You should contact the internet service provider at least four weeks before the actual date of the move which will help you to turn off the services on time so that you don’t need to pay for these even when you are not using them and you have shifted your office.

Look for cabling and wireless connectivity:

You should access the cabling and wireless connectivity present in your current office and should get an idea of connections before you disconnect these to move. Remember that you have to make the same connections there also so either click pictures of connection or memorize these.

As the number of equipment will be changed therefore the cabling and wireless connections will also be changed therefore you should consider having extra telephone jacks, power outlets and so on. These are also required for the further expansion of the technology in your office. If you want to turn the wired connections into wireless ones then you should consider taking help from IT professionals to rerouting the connections.

Don’t forget the data backup:

While shifting technology, infrastructure, and everything else in your new office, don’t forget to make a copy of the data of your office. Of course, no company could afford to lose their data therefore keeping your data secure during the entire process should always be your primary duty.

The data is the value of any business and protection of it is necessary. Cloud backup storage could also be a great option to secure your data. Also, ensure that it does not get breached or hacked by intruders so make sure you keep the network of your company secure while transporting the data or while copying the entire data. Losing the confidential information of your business could make you lose which you won’t be able to recover in the future so be careful about it.


Once the preparation is done, it is time to execute the moving process in real. Make sure all the moved items are properly tagged and you should place equipment layout plans at the outside of each room so that movers don’t get confused in moving items. You should transport the server backup media separately and it should not be loaded in the moving truck where you have loaded all the fragile electronic items with great care. This will help in easy adaptation of the new.


Moving technology is not an easy task, having a team of IT professionals is just a great way to move securely. If you want to do it by yourself then check out the above checklist and follow the same to make your move organized and easier so nothing can be misplaced.

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What To Include in a Tech Moving Checklist?

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