Pictures of Setters

This new exhibit of photographs of Setters will be a great gift for those who love English Setters and have collected their photos. It includes portraits of famous Setters in various poses as well as paintings. This exhibit also features works by John Emms (a British animal painter from the late 19th century and early 20th century). His paintings portray these dogs in their natural habitat with power and movement.

The English Setter is a remarkable working gundog. It has a thick, long muzzle and large, dark brown eyes. Its ears are covered in long, silky hair and hang down at eye level. It has a deep chest and its tail starts at the topline. The tail is long and straight with silk feathering. Regardless of breed, setters are known for their gentle nature and ability to please their owners.

Despite their independence, English Setters do exhibit independent behavior. They work at a distance and excel at rally obedience and agility. They also make great therapy dogs. Birds will often stop and point at them with one paw raised in air. Their calm temperament is great for therapy work. They are great at playing with children and will calmly engage in playful activities with their owners. You can tell if a Setter has arrived by looking at its paw.

Pictures of Setters are a great way to learn more about the breed. Contact your local and national breed clubs to find out more about the breed. These clubs can help you find a home for your pet. You’ll also be able to learn about the history of this breed, and how to train them for the best possible results. You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for Setter pictures! We hope you enjoy these pictures of Setters. They will inspire you to adopt one of these amazing dogs.

The English Setter is a medium-sized sporting dog that is full of sweetness and show stopping good looks. They are one of four British setters recognized by the AKC. Originally, the breed evolved in England and Ireland to work on the different terrains there. Today, English Setters are not only great pets for hunting, but they are also good family companions. They require lots of exercise so make sure to take time to walk and play with your puppy.

English Setter puppies can begin running with their owners around the age of one year. You should allow them to run on a leash for at least 30 minutes and give them frequent breaks. When they reach three years old, they will be couch potatoes. It’s important to remember that even when Setters are healthy, they still need exercise to stay fit. In addition to jogging, English Setters also like playing and chewing on anything they can reach.

Pictures of Setters
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