Poodle Statue

poodle statue 41585

When it comes to dog statues, nothing beats a poodle statue. This stunning dog sculpture features a seated poodle sporting a quaffed haircut and glossy black eyes. Made of polyresin, this statue can be used inside or outdoors. This item will add charm to any room in the home. Plus, your poodle lover friend will love it as much as you do.

The statue of a seven-foot-tall poodle, standing on a 25-foot pole in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood, was just installed. The statue is part a larger public art project that was funded by TransLink, the federal government, and Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Since its installation, the seven-foot-tall poodle has been the focus of many jokes and quips. For the daily joy he inspires, some even have a Twitter account @mainstpoodle.

Poodle Statue
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