Pro Sport Coon Hunting

If you are interested in learning more about pro sport coon hunting, read this article. We’ll cover the basics of coon hunting and what you should expect when participating in this competition. After reading this article, you’ll be well-prepared for your coon hunt. Just be sure to follow the rules! Pro sport was created by hunters for hunters. Therefore, we can vouch for their good ethics. And because we’re a club of hunters, we expect nothing less from each other.

In terms of competition, you’ll find a lot of familiar faces on the pro coon hunting circuit. For example, there’s David Leverette. He’s been coon hunting since he was a teenager and has won more than $100,000 in competitions. His coonhounds have a good chance of winning a competition. You can also find a lot of great coon hunting tips on the official Pro Sport website.

You can even enter a dog for the competition. Coon hunting is a great hobby and you can participate in one of many competitions held throughout the country. The first weekend of January is typically dedicated to the competition. Organizers of these competitions usually organize a Coon Fest in January, which includes coon hunting, dog sales, and dog shows. The competition begins with a prayer session and draws to determine the order of the competitions.

Unlike the other associations, the PKC is a legitimate organization dedicated to competitive coonhound hunting. With its headquarters in Evansville, Indiana, the PKC licenses more than 8000 coonhound night hunts each year. The association also hosts hunting competitions for squirrel dogs and beagles. And you’ll have the chance to enjoy a variety of activities. With so many opportunities to participate, it’s no wonder coon dog hunting is becoming so popular.

A competitive coon hunt may also involve training your dogs to spot and tree raccoons. Aside from the hunting process itself, a competition may also include a professional dog trainer. These dogs have learned how to bark for a coon. And they’ll know exactly when the coon is barking! Using lights, you can easily find your raccoon. Remember, you only get one point for a coon, even if several raccoons are up the tree. And you need to submit your scorecard by a deadline or you’ll be disqualified.

While coon hunting may be hard on a hunter, the experience can be rewarding. As with any other dog, it’s crucial to have a good coon dog to ensure success. Coon dogs must be strong, especially if they have been trained for many years. That’s why the names of coon dogs should be short and tough. The sport can be addictive and exciting. Just make sure that you don’t get involved with anything that involves violence.

Pro Sport Coon Hunting
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