Protect Your Space With a Skudo Board

The skudo board is a traditional roll and move game reminiscent of Parcheesi, Sorry, or Trouble. The game is played by rolling a disc and completing it by landing on an adjacent space of the same color. Your disc will turn if it lands on a “Skudo”, which is a space that allows you to move it around the board. You can also block opponents using your disc or throw doubles to turn it.

Skudo products adhere to a variety of surfaces, providing temporary protection from scuffing and scratching. They are resistant to traffic, spills, and dirt, while also keeping dirt from getting underneath. Skudo products are available in rolls or boards. They can help you save time and money. They can be purchased in rolls or individually cut to suit your space. You can also choose from many different Skudo products.

The game is played with two, three, or four players. You will need to place the discs so that Red can pass through the Red Start and Green can pass through the green start. You will also need to place counters in the spaces on each side of the Start’ space. The first player to throw the die will move their counters to the middle of the disc. The next player will continue this process until all the players are finished.

SkudoBoardHT is ideal for heavy traffic areas like the bathroom and kitchen. This synthetic rigid board provides superior protection against impact and is great for workstations. It is also resistant to warping and curling and has high compression strength. This board is also suitable for extreme vertical protection. Its durability is unmatched by any other boards. It can also provide temporary protection on interior surfaces of a building.

Protect Your Space With a Skudo Board
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