10 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

You must have heard that doctors conduct clinical trials whenever they want to test new medicines. Have you ever participated in one such trial? Often we wonder whether these trials are safe. It’s true that we don’t know what side effects we may experience once we undergo a clinical trial for a particular medicine. But, one thing that can ease your worries is that the outcome of a clinical trial can benefit everyone, including your near and dear ones. 

Through such trials, you, as a human being, have an opportunity to take part in the evolution of medical science. And, fear not, your health and safety are closely monitored through the clinical trial management system for the entire period. So, it’s safe.

How Are You Helping Everyone Through Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are quite important in the field of medical research and analysis. Without them, breakthroughs and innovative discoveries would never reach the patients who actually need them. But, it may not be surprising that most clinical trials are often under-enrolled. More specifically, 37 percent of such trials do not get enough participants to proceed, and 11 percent fail to register even a single participant. Quite shocking, isn’t it?

How Are You Helping Everyone Through Clinical Trials?

But, all of these can be corrected if the wrong notions about clinical trials are removed from the minds of the common people. So, why should you participate in a clinical trial?

1. Clinical Trials Are Necessary

These trials help in bringing new breakthroughs in medical science – from the labs to the bedside. Clinical trials study the effects of an experimental treatment or medicine and allow the concerned medical authorities to determine whether they are safe and effective and whether they can be administered publicly. For such trials to take place, doctors need volunteers, and you can gladly become one. 

2. You Are Helping Others

Participating in these trials can help prevent, diagnose, and cure diseases and other ailments. You, as a participant, are contributing towards bringing the new treatments one step closer to the patients. They may not only help your cause but also help in making significant progress in the field of medicinal research for the future.

3. Clinical Trials Help to Save Your Loved Ones

In case you are suffering from a genetic disease or illness, participating in clinical trials will help cure your family by making the new treatments ready and available on the market. They also help advance the doctors’ knowledge about the particular illness or disease.

4. They Give You Access to New Treatments

By participating in these trials, you can have access to experimental yet cutting-edge treatment options free of cost, which may significantly improve your health. In addition to studying the effectiveness of the treatment, researchers may also study other related ways to improve the lives of people suffering from chronic ailments. 

They Give You Access to New Treatments

5. You Remain Supervised Under Expert Care

During phase II-IV clinical trials, your health and physical conditions are closely monitored by an experienced medical team. Moreover, you can also gain valuable insights about your health from the study without having to wait in long queues or the waiting rooms.

6. Participants from All Backgrounds Are Required

For a treatment to be admissible and effective, it must be properly tested on people from all backgrounds. It is so because certain conditions are more prevalent in some people than the rest. Whatever your gender, age, or race – the clinical trials need you!

7. Clinical Trials Are Safe

For any medication to be publicly tested, it must pass the FDA standards. Medications need to be properly tested in the labs before they can be administered to clinical trial participants to reduce the chances of risk.

8. You Avail of the Treatments Free of Cost

You don’t have to pay any money when you participate in a clinical trial. Rather, you can get the best of treatments along with a thorough health checkup at zero cost.

9. You Are Well Compensated

You are wrong if you think your time and patience are not valued. Many clinical trials pay you for the time and effort you put into furthering the research. However, the compensation varies based on the length and requirements of the trial.

10. Approved Medication

The trials may be researching treatments that are already FDA-approved. Those treatments have already passed several stringent clinical trials before and have been approved for widespread marketing. These phase IV trials mostly investigate how effective the medication remains when administered to a broader population.  


By participating in a clinical trial, you are helping to build a safer and better future for your children and future generations. So, participate in them wholeheartedly and of your own will.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Clinical Trials

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