Remote Work As A Quality Manager – Uss Express Review

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A Good Position In A Good Company: Review That Proves Is Legit Employer

The possibility to work remotely is extremely important, especially for international companies that provide a lot of services. Shipping services are such businesses. They need a lot of employees to execute the big scope of functions. That’s why it’s not difficult to find vacancies that offer at-home packing jobs. The challenge comes when you try to figure out whether the employer is reputable and safe.

This was our initial goal when we started reviewing the provider of packing jobs from home – Uss-Express. It offers a quality manager packing job at home for beginners. Do you think it’s worth considering? Find out the answer to this question in the review below!

Remote Work As A Quality Manager – Uss Express Review

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What Are The Positive Sides Of This Job?

Everyone can work from home packing and shipping as a quality manager. It’s not difficult if you know your duties. But not everyone can cope with the full-time workload of the Uss-Express company. This is the biggest downside of working there. Uss-Express is an international shipping, logistics, and fulfillment company, and the flow of orders is really big.

Okay, but what are the positive sides? Are there any at all? Of course, there are, in any other case, there wouldn’t have been so many applications. Here are the benefits of being a part of the Uss-Express shipping team:

  • A Salary Is Paid Regularly;
  • Bi-Weekly Payments;
  • The Ability To Participate In Training Sessions;
  • The Possibility To Improve Specific Qualifications;
  • Friendly Environment;
  • No Pressure;
  • Good Work Climate.

The Main Responsibilities Of A Quality Manager

  • receive packages; 
  • verify the quality of products;
  • repack goods if necessary;
  • put labels on parcels; 
  • send parcels to the required addresses.

Feedback On The Reputation Of The Company Uss Express

“I didn’t have any experience in working in any field, in which Uss-Express is oriented, when I sent my job application. With clear instructions from my management, I understood how I should work as a quality manager, although till today I have some issues because of the intense workflow…” 

This comment was published on Glassdoor by the current quality manager from New York. From it, we can see that the employee didn’t have experience in management and shipping when applying. However, with the assistance of the managers, the worker managed to get used to responsibilities and gain the understanding of how shipping works. We also see that the quality manager still struggles with the workflow but it doesn’t dispute the fact that the Uss-Express company has a good reputation.

To verify this statement, we decided to look at testimonials on the official page of the shipper and on several more specialized websites. We weren’t surprised that the average score across different platforms is quite high. See it in the table below.


Average Score 

Number Of Reviews 
















Remote Work As A Quality Manager – Uss Express Review

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A Few Simple Steps And You’re Up And Running!

So, we answered the question of whether the Uss-Express company is a reputable company. You also now know the duties of a quality manager at this shipping agency. The final stage is to apply. What requirements should you meet to have the possibility to apply for the vacancy? On its official website, Uss-Express outlines the following requirements:

  • Be At Least 18 Years Old
  • Have A Personal Computer Or Laptop
  • Have A Cell Phone With A Camera
  • Have A Physical Address: House Or Apartment
  • Have An Access To A Printer

The employment procedure is not difficult at all. Just enter all the necessary information into the application form and take a job interview. That’s all you need to be accepted!

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Remote Work As A Quality Manager – Uss Express Review

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