Republicans Face a New Reckoning Over What House Leader Will Do About Trump’s Tax Plan

Whether a GOP Senate nominee will back the president’s tax plan will be a crucial question for the party’s future. If it does, the party runs the risk of alienating suburban and black voters. While leading Republicans claim that the country is free of systemic racism, there are only three Black Republicans in Congress. One of them, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, has been the party’s most vocal critic of the president.

Republican House leader Jim Jordan has been floated as a possible replacement for McCarthy, and he’s a close ally of the president. But he has already gotten into hot water by refusing to cooperate with the special House committee investigating Trump’s administration’s handling of the Russia probe. Rep. Jim Jordan made derogatory remarks about a Capitol attack, inflaming anti-FBI sentiment among Trump supporters.

After the attack on the Capitol, the Republican Party faces a new reckoning over what happened. The House Republican Leader’s book tour included the release of new tapes. These tapes show that Republican leaders aren’t following through with their tough talk. Several leaders of the party were furious after the attack, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. After the attack, other leaders quickly returned to the fold.

Meanwhile, Republicans will also have to deal with the ramifications of the budget deal. The deal between the two sides has created a new dilemma for Boehner and the GOP party. His plan B would have excluded millionaires. The tea party activists don’t like that. And there are still many unanswered questions as to the future of the GOP party.

The GOP leadership is largely silent on the issue, but rank-and-file members have offered mixed reactions. Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz claimed that GOP Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming leaked the tape. McCarthy was then told by Gaetz that Cheney should have been listened to. McCarthy was supported by several other GOP House members, and South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace spoke to Fox Business.

While the Democrats’ response to the election result may be a shock to some, Republicans should not underestimate the political consequences. To regain the majority, the GOP will need five seats in Congress. The Senate is still a toss-up. Some Republicans acknowledge that momentum is shifting, while others point out a lack of unity between congressional Democrats and President Joe Biden. Both men are facing declining approval ratings.

Republicans Face a New Reckoning Over What House Leader Will Do About Trump’s Tax Plan
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