The Growth Of E-Com And Tips To Pick The Right Delivery Service For Your Firm


The web has completely transformed modern retail and, if you’re like most firms, you’ll likely have found that your clients are coming to expect you to offer some form of online ordering.

While some goods and services are more suited to the e-commerce model than others, most customers these days want to browse and order products online, meaning it’s now more important than ever for firms to offer an online e-com service.

The Exponential Rise Of E-Commerce

In growth terms, the popularity of e-commerce is mushrooming, and e-com services are predicted to keep expanding in the coming years. In 2014, online sales accounted for just $1.3 billion globally; however, by 2024, that figure is forecast to be closer to $6.3 billion – yet further proof of a burgeoning industry that shows no signs of slowing.

In truth, any firm that ignores online commerce isn’t just missing out on potential opportunities – it will also likely be losing customers hand over fist to competitors, making e-commerce a priority for most modern firms.

The Massive Growth Of Courier Services

Of course, the huge growth in demand for the services of a same day courier Sydney has come hand in hand with the rise of e-commerce. However, offering online sales is just one part of a much larger equation to ensure your clients receive their goods.

These days, there is a huge range of delivery services available to firms – everything from the well-known global courier companies right down to sole trader operators or the growing trend for freelancers to post shipping jobs on portal websites. These sites allow clients and providers to contact each other directly and can often provide shipping jobs at far lower prices than the bigger, more established companies, you can learn more here.

However, before choosing a delivery service, make sure they can bring the package to the local parcel lockers as they have become one of the essential tools for delivery provided that they have a safe, contactless delivery system. Unlike traditional delivery, which requires someone to receive the order at home or in the office, parcel lockers allow customers to pick up their orders whenever they want. This will make you more trustworthy and flexible.

Considerations When Choosing A Delivery Company

As with most areas of life, not all delivery providers are created equal, and there are some basic questions you should ask before entrusting your goods or services to a courier company:

Check size or weight limitations: Larger courier companies are unlikely to encounter issues with large or heavy items, but smaller operators cannot say the same. A responsible firm should ask you for these details at the time of order but, if they don’t, you should check and make sure they can handle the dimensions or bulk of the items you want to send.

Tracking/proof of delivery: There’s little point using a firm if you can’t even be sure if your goods were delivered, so always ensure the courier offers (at minimum) proof of delivery or (preferably) live tracking services. For short-run deliveries, tracking perhaps isn’t so important, but it can work very well for longer journeys as a way to keep you and the purchasing client informed on the delivery progress.

Check the firm is insured: Any number of problems can occur when sending parcels – everything from breakages to packages going missing or simply not arriving at their intended destinations. For this reason, you should ensure your choice of courier company has comprehensive insurance to cover any potential problems and protect both you and them.

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The Growth Of E-Com And Tips To Pick The Right Delivery Service For Your Firm

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