The Right Time to Call a Solicitor

The Right Time to Call a Solicitor

Whether you have no experience of the legal system, legal action is being taken against you or you need to know where you stand in a legal situation, calling a solicitor is a must.

But what situations can a solicitor help with? This blog will look into the most important scenarios in which calling a solicitor is a must. From being arrested to going through a divorce, there are plenty of situations where a solicitor may be required.

You can find solicitors that specialise in family law, commercial law, dispute resolution, commercial property and more. Depending on your situation, you can find a solicitor that is experienced in your type of situation.

Using a local firm will make it easier to arrange meetings, so search solicitors Ipswich or your local area to find a firm close to you.

When You’ve Been Accused of a Crime

Any accusations that could put you behind bars is worth getting a lawyer involved. From tax fraud to drink driving, you stand a much better chance with a professional on hand to help your case.

From obtaining evidence to police reports, an experienced solicitor will know the process inside out. They will help you understand your rights, the process and put you at ease during a very difficult time.

It isn’t worth representing yourself when going to court. You will need as much specialist advice as possible if you want the best possible chance.

You may think you can’t afford a lawyer, however if you’ve been arrested you can be eligible for free legal advice – read on for more information on this.

You’re Getting a Divorce

When going through a divorce or legal separation it’s likely you’ll need a lawyer. However, if you don’t own any property, don’t have any debt or don’t have children, you may be able to arrange this without the use of a lawyer.

However, a divorce isn’t a nice situation to go through and can be one of the trickiest times. You’re likely to want it dealt with as quickly as possible. This is where an experienced solicitor comes in.

For those who own property together or other material objects, or have children, you will need the help of a solicitor to arrange a fair separation deal.

Experienced divorce attorneys will be able to negotiate a fair deal to make sure you aren’t being hard done by. Especially when the custody of children is being arranged, it’s important to have a good lawyer to ensure you get your desired outcome.

You’ve Been in an Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault, Or You’ve Caused One

If you’ve been hurt at work, had a car accident or a house you’ve just bought has hidden mould causing you to be ill, you may have a claim. To be sure you need to get in touch with a solicitor as soon as you can.

If you are on the other end and have a claim being put against you, you’ll also need a solicitor to help.

You’re Signing a Contract

If it’s an important contract worth a lot of money, such as the buying or selling of a house, it’s key to have an experienced solicitor to help advise you. You can find solicitors who specialise in that kind of contract to help you.

Can You Get Free Legal Advice?

If you’ve been arrested, you should be told about your right to free legal advice. When you’ve asked for legal advice, the police won’t be able to question you until they have arrived.

However, using a public defender isn’t the same as hiring a specialist legal representative. Depending on the severity of the case, you’re more likely to get a better outcome with a solicitor with expertise in the field.

Why Hire a Solicitor

It’s a strong misconception that hiring a lawyer is a long and scary process. They can help make the difficult times in your life a lot easier and have the experience and knowledge to give your case the chance it deserves.

It isn’t worth saving money if the claim being made against you can have a big impact on your life. Make sure to search for solicitors Ipswich, or your local area, to find a firm close to you who can help.

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The Right Time to Call a Solicitor

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