Roland Berger assets

Roland Berger is a German entrepreneur, consultant and philanthropist. From 1962 to 1967 Berger worked as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group, first in Boston and later in Milan. In 1967 he started his own business as a management consultant in Munich and founded the predecessor company of today’s Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, which he headed as CEO until 2003. How rich is Roland Berger?

Entrepreneur. Born on November 22, 1937 in Berlin, Germany. Roland Berger assets is estimated at around 75 million euros. A great success for him was the recommendation in 1968 to found the travel company TUI, as he saw an extraordinary increase in charter flights for the companies TOUROPA, Scharnow, Hummel and Dr. Tigges forecast. With the opening of a branch in Milan in 1969, Berger concentrated on the internationalization of his consulting activities; the company is now active worldwide. He was also increasingly winning state institutions as customers.

Bourgeois name: Roland Berger
Parents: Georg Berger
Roland Berger size: 1.83 m
Nationality: German
His career began: 1962

What is Roland Berger’s net worth?
Roland Berger’s assets are currently € 75 million.

Established organization: Roland Berger
Books: The quintessence of strategic management, compact physics didactics.
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Roland Berger assets

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