Salvager’s Helper – How to Improve Your Light Machine Gun Damage in Outer Worlds

The Salvager’s Helfer is an uncommon weapon in The Outer Worlds. It fires a hailstorm with corrosive bullets. However, the gun’s complex loading mechanism makes reloading lengthy. For that reason, it’s not the best weapon to use during a raid. Instead, it’s better for taking out multiple targets with a single shot. The gun can do a lot of damage but it takes a long time for the gun to reload.

Irion’s Flintlock

Irion’s Flintlock is a Unique Weapon found in The Outer Worlds. This weapon can fire two bullets simultaneously, increasing weakspot damage. The Flintlock can only be obtained by completing a side quest and there is only one copy of this weapon in the universe. This does not make the weapon useless. It is a solid weapon that can deal damage to your enemies.

Light Machine Gun

The Light Machine Gun is a unique weapon in Salvager’s Helper. It’s a high-damage pistol that fires six bullets per pull. Although the weapon is a good choice in certain situations, it’s not ideal. Here are some tips to improve your Salvager’s Helper’s light machine gun damage. Continue reading for more information.

The Shock Cannon Ultra is another weapon that is incredibly useful in Outer Worlds. This weapon is obtained from Phineas’ lab during the “Kept Secret But Not Forgotten” main quest. It requires close proximity to fire a beam of electricity that causes continual damage to its target and can spread to nearby enemies. Because it’s so effective against enemies in close quarters, this weapon is great for securing your position and dominating the area.

The Light Machine Gun is a great weapon for DPS in the early stages. It is fast, accurate, and can hold a lot of ammo per cartridge. Although the gun’s firing speed is slightly slower than that of other weapons in the game, its overall durability is much higher than other weapons. It is also extremely rare so it is recommended to kill Primals prior to using it.

The Salvager’s helper is a powerful pistol. It is the first weapon in the game. It has an incredibly high damage rate and is extremely useful for eliminating enemies. You can also find unique weapons in different parts of the Halcyon galaxy. These weapons are extremely rare and give you a significant advantage in combat. Some are weird, while others are Easter eggs. Either way, it’s better than standard enemies.

If you’re looking for the most damage per hit, consider using the Light Machine Gun. Although it isn’t very efficient, it can be used as a support weapon. It can be extremely useful during tough fights because it can make enemies turn on their own. It can be very loud when it fires. Aside from its good damage, the Light Machine Gun is also useful for clumping enemies together.

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle for Salvager’s Helper is a high DPS pistol with a corrosive damage and bleed effect. The gun can fire six bullets per trigger pull. In the outer worlds, this weapon is best suited for mercenaries. In the game, you can equip it in your inventory. To get it, kill Primals.

The Assault Rifle is the most useful weapon in the Outer Worlds. It is extremely versatile, has a high rate of fire and has a quick reload speed. The Ultra version of the Assault Rifle is the best weapon you can equip, apart from the unique weapon. You can buy Assault Rifles in stores or from enemies in the Monarch.

The Assault Rifle for Salvager’s Helper is an excellent weapon for a mercenary. It can fire a hail of corrosive shots and can even do double damage. However, there are two downsides to this weapon: its high damage and slow reload time. The Salvager’s Helper requires a lot of patience to level up, so it’s important to have a high level of skill in order to fully unlock its full potential.

The Silencer’s unique mod reduces swing noise by 90% and increases Intimidate by ten skills, despite its low damage. This mod is not compatible with armor master but it can be used to cater to stealth melee characters as well as dialogue characters. Although it isn’t as practical as other weapons, it can do high damage and is very useful when you want enemies to be concentrated in a small area.

The Salvager’s helper is a powerful gun. It can also shoot acid at enemies. You can purchase it from Gladys’ store on Groundbreaker. It can be used in battles with Montag, who is the first enemy in Groundbreaker. It’s also possible to buy the Salvager’s Helper for 6,000 bits. It’s the best option for mercenaries.

Light Pistol

The Salvager’s helper game features a unique weapon called the Light Pistol. It fires corrosive bullets at your enemies. This weapon has an incredibly complex loading mechanism, which can lead to long reload times. Continue reading to learn more about the weapon and its stats. You can also see the video below to learn how to use it.

The Light Pistol, an extremely useful weapon in the Outer Worlds, is a great choice. Its speed and damage make the light pistol extremely useful in combat with enemy creatures. You can upgrade the light pistol with any mod. Make sure to play around with it! A Light Machine Gun or Heavy Machine Gun might be a good choice if you have lots of light ammo.

Salvager’s Helper – How to Improve Your Light Machine Gun Damage in Outer Worlds
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