Santa’s Little Helper and Neurax Worm Update Plague Inc

santas little helper and neurax worm update plague inc 39195

Plague Inc. is a great time to update it. The latest update introduces two new scenarios: Santa’s Little Helper (or the Neurax Worm) and Plague Inc. The first is a fun scenario that involves a portal and the Christmas holiday. The second scenario is more serious and involves a ban on fun by the government. The tenth game update is now available on Android, iOS and Mac. It also contains major AI and gameplay enhancements. This holiday season, the Santa’s Little Helper scenario can be downloaded for free.

Plague Inc. offers more than just a storyline. It also has an educational component that helps kids learn geography. On the game screen, the player must move a plague from country to country, each of which has different climate and environment. The climate in each country affects the plague differently, and players will likely memorize some of the differences after a few plays. The game also features achievements and new ways to challenge yourself.

Santa’s Little Helper and Neurax Worm Update Plague Inc
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