Senna Gammour fortune

Senna Gammour is a German singer, songwriter and television presenter. She was a member of the pop group Monrose. How rich is Senna Gammour?

Pop singer. Born on December 28, 1979 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Senna Gammour fortune is estimated at around 2 million euros. Guemmour was born to a Moroccan mother and an Algerian father. She grew up in the Frankfurt-Nordweststadt housing estate. Shaped by her urban life, Gammour was interested in hip-hop culture and music. She was a judge for the tenth season of Popstars, which aired on ProSeiben in the summer of 2012.

Bourgeois name: Senna Guemmour
Siblings: Dahab Guemmour, Zakari Guemmour
Senna Gammour size: 1.72 m
Nationality: German
Her career began: 2006
Cooperation with: Bahar Kizil, Mandy Capristo, Oliver Petszokat, Isabella Luna.

What is the net worth of Senna Gammour?
Senna Gammour’s net worth is currently € 2 million.

Record labels: Warner, Starwatch, Cheyenne.
Music genres: Pop, dance-pop, R&B.
Music group: Monrose (since 2006)
Movies & TV shows: Just don’t get excited !, Singing Bee: The world’s most unfair music show.

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Senna Gammour fortune

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