SF Giants 1989 Roster

Many baseball fans hold the 1989 roster of the SF Giants special place in their hearts. Although the team didn’t win the World Series, or be in the Hall of Fame, there were many memorable moments that the team had and are still remembered by fans today. If you love the team, you must check out this roster to get to know them better. We hope you’ll enjoy it. Let’s begin by taking a look at the NLCS 1989 and the World Series 1990.

1989 was the 107th season of Major League Baseball for the SF Giants. They finished first in the National League West and played in their 30th season at Candlestick Park. They finished the season with 92 victories and 70 losses. The SF Giants had an offense centered around Kevin Mitchell and Will Clark, and their lineup racked up 4.31 runs per game. Despite not having any star power, the offense was one of the strongest aspects of the team.

This Giants 1989 roster is a comprehensive list of every player who played at least one game for the team during the 1989 season. You can view their career statistics and players are listed according the fielding position they played the most. You can also visit their Fast Facts section for information about the Opening Day starters, salaries, and uniform number breakdown. Finally, the Giants 1989 roster also includes the Top Ten Players for 1989.

SF Giants 1989 Roster
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