Sharon Henry

Sharon Henry – A Real Estate Professional With a Specialization in Short Sales and Foreclosures

Sharon Henry is an experienced, full time real estate professional specializing in short sales and foreclosures. Her goal is to find solutions tailored specifically to her clients’ needs.

Henry claims she experienced age and race discrimination as well as retaliation when seeking to work remotely due to diabetes, which puts her at risk of COVID-19 complications. Additionally, Henry claimed the office lacked diversity and cultural perspectives.

Early Life and Education

Sharon Henry is a former high school mathematics teacher and mountain biker who uses her experiences on two wheels to demonstrate real-world concepts in her classroom. She hiked through Nepal and survived at Mount Everest without hot water for 11 days – sharing these tales and photos in precalculus class to inspire and engage her students.

She has experience prosecuting powerful figures, having represented mayors and other elected officials during her early career as a prosecutor. Her primary motivation in taking on powerful individuals lies with helping victims of crime to ensure their rights are respected.

In her lawsuit, she claimed Abrams violated her rights by harassing and discriminating against her, as well as retaliating against her by stripping away job duties, withdrawing from a high-profile case, and assigning less work.

Professional Career

Tate made her acting debut in 1969 in The Thirteen Chairs alongside Orson Welles and Elizabeth Kerr; her performance earned widespread acclaim and her future looked secure as a professional actress.

She also serves as a short sale and distressed property expert, helping families avoid foreclosure one family at a time. Her proven win-win negotiating approach ensures success for each of her clients.

Sharon enjoys mountain biking and is currently planning her second journey through Iceland’s Laugavegur Trail, staying in huts along the way. For her, it’s not about mileage but rather enjoying stunning scenery and reaping lifelong wellness benefits – plus spending quality time with her loved ones during her free time! Sharon is a devoted wife and mother who spends her free time doing what she loves: cycling!

Achievement and Honors

Sharon Henry has earned many honors and awards in her medical field career. Known for being compassionate and caring doctor, Sharon regularly attends conferences and workshops to keep abreast with advancements in medicine as well as conducting research studies which she publishes findings in medical journals to enhance patient care.

Henry has proven herself an effective leader as president of the Empire Board of Realtors (EBR). Her leadership and connectivity on a local level has allowed the 79 year old organization to experience growth in engagement, membership, sponsorship, and homeowners.

Henry recently sued the Solano County District Attorney’s office for retaliation during the COVID-19 pandemic, alleging Abrams of age discrimination and retaliating against her because she is diabetic and at an increased risk for severe complications caused by this pandemic.

Personal Life

Sharon Henry is a dedicated wife and mother who takes great pleasure in her work as a real estate professional specializing in short sales and distressed properties. With an outstanding team at her side, Sharon strives to keep clients fully informed every step of the way while always remaining available for questions or updates as needed.

Sharon Henry takes great pleasure in teaching at Tennessee Tech University. She especially enjoys “flipping the classroom”, having students read material prior to class and sharing their thoughts freely during discussions. Sharon feels this helps students learn in new ways while giving her an opportunity to understand different viewpoints. Furthermore, Sharon was the first female instructor ever to teach Advanced Trauma Life Support at a major medical school in Maryland!

Net Worth

Net worth, or asset total minus liability total, is one of the best measures of financial health and can provide valuable guidance for planning for the future. Unfortunately, many people miscalculate their net worths, giving an inaccurate picture of their finances.

In her lawsuit filed in 2021, she claimed Abrams demoted her by stripping away her supervision responsibilities, assigning work typically assigned to line deputy attorneys and pulling her from a high-profile homicide case. Furthermore, she charged that Abrams retaliated against her when exercising her legal right for equal treatment under law; eventually the county settled her suit for $775,000 and she left his employ in 2018.

Sharon Henry
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