Should You Draft Cooper Kupp Or Robert Woods in the First Round of Your NFL Draft?

If you’re in the middle of your draft and wondering whether to draft Cooper Kupp or Robert Woods, then you’ve come to the right place. We have compared the pros and cons of each player to Matthew Stafford, Amari Cooper and Robert Woods. Now, you can make your decision! Regardless of the position, both players have plenty of upside. They’re likely to be your first picks in your fantasy football draft, and they have a lot of individual skills.

Cooper Kupp

You should ask yourself this question in the first round of your fantasy soccer draft: Should I draft Cooper Kupp, or Robert Woods. Both players are capable of producing high volume and are valuable in PPR leagues. Kupp is a more valuable option because of his unique qualities. This article will explain why. Also, read on for some of the pros and cons of both players. You may also find it helpful to compare both players’ value in PPR leagues.

Cooper is a great option if you are looking for a receiver who can make big plays. Cooper will make it look effortless and get you the ball in space. He’ll be an under-covered receiver who won’t have many deep routes, but will be effective after the catch. He is a top-five fantasy pick. Although Woods may be considered the more reliable option by the Rams, Kupp is a better choice than Stafford and Woods in this area.

Last year, the Rams used a 12-person formation. Robert Woods will start the season as the starter, but Kupp is unlikely get the same amount of traction as the third option. However, the Rams have a proven track record of using 12 personnel to produce results. Throughout weeks 13-17, the Rams leaned on 12 personnel. That meant Cooper Kupp was on the field for 34% of the offense and Woods played on 87% of the snaps.

Jimmy Graham is a solid option if you are looking for a wide receiver who can play up and down. Although he finished fourth in the season, he is a volatile player. He might not be worth the risk if you draft him too early in the draft. If you draft a WR4, you will need to ensure that he is a good option.

Robert Woods

You might be asking yourself if you should draft Cooper Kupp or Robert Woods if you are in the middle of a rookie fantasy draft. There are some key differences between them. Both are consistent, capable of breaking tackles and racking up yards after the catch. Cooper Kupp will be an important weapon in the red zone for Matthew Stafford, and he will be paired with a safe wide receiver.

In 1QB leagues, Woods has been the better option. His recent stats are not encouraging. He has only caught 11 passes for 124 yard and one touchdown since Week 1-8. In addition, he’s only been targeted once on play-action passes, a factor that may make him less of a risk for your fantasy football roster. Woods may not have Cooks’ upside but he is a solid outside receiver who offers better value than Cooper Kupp.

Robert Woods is a fantasy asset with a strong track record, but his upside is limited to just a few more seasons. The Rams’ acquisition of Matthew Stafford should improve his fantasy value. Matthew Stafford is a better quarterback than Jared Goff, and he’ll be able to exploit Woods’ versatility. Matthew Stafford is well-known for his support of multiple elite fantasy players. However, he will have to work with Woods in order to keep his value.

Kupp is more versatile at the WR position than Robert Woods. He’ll be on the field when the Rams line up in 11 personnel, as opposed to 12 personnel. And he’ll have a better chance of being a top-five wide receiver. He’ll likely be on the field with Woods if you need a WR for replacing a RB on your depth charts.

Although both are capable of starting, Woods has a lower ceiling than Kupp. Last season, he was the Rams’ top target and was WR22. With Cooks gone from the Rams, he’ll be the team’s go-to target in 2020. If the Rams can trade for Kupp, they’ll save a considerable amount of cap space and a potential draft pick.

Amari Cooper

In the 2019 NFL Draft, which is better to draft: Amari Cooper or Robert Woods? Both have impressive receiving stats. Woods is the more intriguing choice. Woods’ ADP is 43rd, but he has averaged 8.1 targets per season over the past three seasons. Kupp’s overall production is better, but he hasn’t played as well. He will have to prove his worth in the NFL before becoming a top-10 wideout.

Woods has more upside than Cooper. The two have been essentially interchangeable heading into the season. However, Kupp has exploded into a WR1 role, while Woods will remain a WR2 at best. While Woods is due for a positive regression, Kupp’s upcoming schedule is more favorable. He’ll likely end the year with 50-plus touchdowns.

Woods is a better choice. Although Cooper is a solid wide receiver, he’s been injured throughout his career. Despite being limited by an ankle injury in the preseason, Cooper was able to carve out a nice season for himself. If he can stay healthy, he’ll be a top-tier wideout. So who should you draft in your fantasy draft?

Amari Cooper is a top wide receiver in the NFL. He’s tied for second among all wide receivers in targets and touchdowns. He’s almost guaranteed to catch 10 passes in a 10-catch season. However, if you’re in a 12-team league, he’s probably a WR3/flex, but he’s not worth a waiver wire pick. If you’re looking for a contrarian play, check out Carolina Panthers wide receiver D.J. Moore. The WR2 of the week posted the 11th highest fantasy point total among wide receivers in the first three weeks. And he had a huge Week 3 performance, going for 126 yards.

There are many storylines surrounding Sunday’s Rams game against the 49ers, but Cooper Kupp will be the main focus of the game. Kupp will be the Rams’ first option and second option. The 49ers desperately need a win to make the playoffs. Neither player will be a bad fit in this situation, and the Raiders know the future isn’t so bright for the two wideouts.

Matthew Stafford

If you’re looking for a wide receiver in your next fantasy football draft, consider Cooper Kupp. As the Rams’ 1b to Robert Woods’ 1a, Kupp has been a top option this season for the Rams. Both players have demonstrated deep-ball ability. However, Kupp’s contested catch rates is the key difference. And both players have a high floor. If Stafford stays healthy, Kupp could end up being the top wide receiver in fantasy football.

Stafford’s talent as well as the offensive line raises many questions. He’s played with a surprisingly talented group of receivers in his time with the Lions. Golden Tate, Calvin Johnson, Marvin Jones, and Kenny Golladay are all top players in this area. However, Kupp and Woods are projected as the top two wide receivers for Matthew Stafford in the draft.

Stafford, despite having a high ceiling has not been able to build chemistry with his wide receivers. Woods’ aDot score is 8.4 which is the lowest in his career. He also finished the season with 1.88 Y/RR. Stafford and Woods may form a chemistry that could make Woods even more attractive as a second-round pick.

Woods is a great choice for a balanced fantasy football roster. Both players are reliable in the pocket and can score touchdowns. However, if Stafford is forced to throw downfield, Kupp should be better than Woods. Despite being a top-level talent, he still lacks the elusiveness to make big plays. The Rams have a good balance between a deep threat and a reliable deep option.

As the Rams’ wide receivers, Kupp and Woods are both capable of competing for the same role in a tight-end offense. Kupp and Woods will give Stafford a better balance and more weapons on the field. The LA Rams have the luxury to give each player the opportunity to grow on their own terms. Woods may have to accept Woods if he doesn’t meet his expectations.

Should You Draft Cooper Kupp Or Robert Woods in the First Round of Your NFL Draft?
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