Simplified Guide: How to Export Google Contacts to Excel in 2023

Export Google Contacts to Excel

In the 21st century, for specific groups of people working in marketing and advertising, their set of contacts on Google can be quite a database of important leads and assets. And what one definitely would not want to happen is to lose all that crucial information because it was not copied somewhere to be properly stored or processed. It’s a luxury even if you barely have twenty contacts on your list, but when the count reaches thousands of names, numbers, and even emails, losing this data is a crime. So what do you do about it? Definitely transfer your information to Excel Sheets.

The format of the Excel Sheets that you’re going to create is CSV. The process starts with a simple and trivial logging in to the particular Gmail account where all the person’s contacts are stored. The contacts can be found at this link: or by clicking the Google Menu located next to your avatar to the left. The Contact will be there among other Google Apps and tools. 

The Google Contacts menu allows for individual contact selection or working with all of them at once. You need to go to the menu behind the three dots in the upper right corner and click Export. Google will suggest the option to choose the contacts you want, and select the option to export to a Google CSV file. The computer will offer you the option to choose a storage location on your computer, and you will also be able to create your customized file name to be able to distinguish it easily later. 

After you open this file, it will have lot’s of columns, specifying the exact type of data connected to your contacts. The list will include names, surnames, email addresses, and even gender or billing information. But there is one more thing the contact owner needs to do to save his file property. Click the upper-left hand menu called File, and in the drop down menu, click Save as to select the folder where the file will be stored, and then click the Save as type button in the menu. 

The list of possible formats has numerous options. Find and select the one of the Excel formats desired, and save your data precisely the way it is convenient for you. 

And of course, there is always a place for an alternative. One can always use and guarantee the highest  level of data security on the level of Google and even Google-like design. Once your contacts are shared via Shared Contacts Manager, they’re automatically updated on all synchronized devices across the number of users with whom you shared the permissions to view only, edit, or delete the information. Once updated, the information will be changed everywhere: Google Contacts, Gmail, phone books, all apps connected to Shared Contacts Manager, and also applications synchronized with Google Contacts. 

Being a Google Workspace Marketplace application, Shared Contacts Manager requires enough security permissions to process your data. And still, the data protection level is very high. Even though your data is synced across all the devices, it is not stored anywhere else. The system compares hashes, which allows it to track any changes to information and apply the same changes across the network.

Data security has become a top priority for many companies nowadays. Nowadays, marketing works the other way, and when someone has your personal data stored in a data sheet, they can launch targeted ads and make you see them. They can reach out to you with remarketing calls and propositions, and if you guard your privacy in 2023, you will choose the safest way to export your contacts to a document or list. 

Simplified Guide: How to Export Google Contacts to Excel in 2023
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