Amazing Six Sigma Certification Programs

Six Sigma Certification Programs

Six sigma is an approach to the management of the production line that is mainly oriented towards reduction/elimination of the causal points of loss or defects in the supply chain. This approach applies mainly to production-related organizations but can also be applied to other organizations according to its latest updates. Six Sigma was first developed and introduced into the work culture by a Motorola employee bearing the name Bill Smith.

There is a similar approach called lean six sigma that is a slight modification of six sigma and focuses on the elimination of unnecessary processes or activities that do not add to the feature or quality of the end result or product thus formed. The approach was soon spread throughout the world and soon stood at a place where organizations looked forward to individuals specifically trained and certified in the said approach. The various certifications available under the six sigma approach are – Green belt, black belt, yellow belt, champion, master, etc.

Cost of the various Six Sigma certifications

The six sigma green belt certification costs around approximately USD $ 295 only whereas the six sigma black belt certification costs only USD $ 395. The yellow belt Six Sigma Training course requires the candidate to submit a fee of USD $ 195 per applicant. The certification of the master black belt costs the candidate about USD $ 665 as it is an advanced level certification. The six sigma champion level certificate can be obtained only for USD $ 149.

How do get certified with one of the Six Sigma certifications?

  • The best certification a candidate can obtain to get into a stable and secured future in a production–oriented industry/organization is six sigma.
  • Once decided to go for Six Sigma certification and the type, the prime operation is to get the syllabus and read it thoroughly.
  • The syllabus may be then chunked down the several parts that need a separate type of attention, such as areas for revision,’ ‘areas for thorough reading,’ etc.
  • Schedule yourself with an affordable timetable and try to maintain it. In case you have some unforeseen situation costing you few hours of your study time, try to compensate for it the other day.
  • Provide special time for undertaking a training course. Self-studies are essential, but when aided with a good training course, they can guarantee success. Six Sigma training courses are offered online as well as offline at affordable prices which a candidate can opt for.
  • The syllabus should be complete within the time stipulated by you, preferably sooner, provided there is no reduction in the quality of the study.
  • Once having completed the syllabus, mock tests are to opt. Mock tests are the best tool for any aspirant to assess his or her level of preparation and position to appear in the examination.
  • Mock tests are available online as well as with some books which may be taken advantage of.
  • Once satisfied with your preparation, fill the application form and schedule a test date.
  • The day before the examination, make sure you have revised your lessons well. Get enough rest to avoid stress panicking the next day and exhaustion. Make sure that all the requirements like the Identity proofs, hardware, stationeries, etc., are all good to go.
  • On the day of the examination, consider answering the easy w=questions first and then the difficult and/or lengthy ones.
  • Do not stress or panic. Try not to intake too much fluid as it will have you excusing to the washroom and lose precious time.
  • Submit the examination on time.
  • Obtain the passing marks and eventually the certificate.

Six sigma is a very profitable and affordable concept to put to action in a production-oriented industry. It helps the organization reduce its waste and loss and hereby increase the profit and efficiency. This also ensures client satisfaction. Owing to these advantages, the organizations dealing with the production of materials as their end product look for Six Sigma certification and Six Sigma training in the curriculum vitae of a candidate while hiring. Above are the costs of certification and tips to get certified in six sigma.

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Amazing Six Sigma Certification Programs

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