What is content://com.android.browser.home/ (Brief Details & Guide)


If you recently purchase a brand new cell phone then odds are very high that you don’t enjoy the visual appeal of the homepage from the browser of the cellphone since the manufacturer put their institution’s logo on the webpage and that seems very bothersome and hurts that your user experience and that is the reason why a lot of you would like to alter the default profile.
The content://com.android.browser.home/ is normally utilized to alter the default homepage on your browser.
In the following guide, we’ll offer in-depth information regarding content://com.android.browser.home and supplies the specific manner by which you are able to alter the default homepage of the cell browser.

What’s content://com.android.browser.home/?

The connection will devote the homepage to the various browsers such as chrome, Programmer, and Firefox. Each browser has a distinct homepage that’s saved in content://com.android.browser.home/ and also the very best part is you may personalize the homepage in accordance with your personal taste and need.
The way of altering the homepage differs in each browser and we’re going to offer the step-by-step procedure for every browser however in the majority of the browser you are able to alter the homepage by following easy measures.

Step 1: Open default on your cell phone.

Step 2: Press menu or 3 dots signal (Largely found inappropriate upper part of the browser)

Step 3: Move into Placing option and check for Android Browser Setting (Largely located in final ) and Open

Step 4: In the General setting, You’ll Find the Homepage setting

Step 5: Click the option’Set Homepage’ and input the URL you need to include as homepage.

This is the very typical step you will use on the majority of the browser into your android cell phone.

How to Change the Default Web Browser in Android Phone?

There’s not any responsibility of utilizing the default web browser to the cell telephone because the default internet browser comprises a very low rate and also has shitty user expertise. You are able to pick any one of these based upon your own usage.
However, it’s highly encouraged to select Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as the two of these provide high-speed surfing combined with a browsing experience that is amazing. It is possible to just download from the Google play shop.
Another motive for advocating these browsers would be since the two of them offer sync accessibility that enables showing exactly the very same interface and data in both cellular and PC browsers which helps to conserve passwords and related things on unique pieces of equipment.
So as to switch the default browser from your android telephone simply follow these basic measures.
Step 1: If your cellular phone, start setting choice
Step 2: Pick the Installed and Handle Programs option and you’ll find the list of programs on your cell phone.
Step 3: At the right upper corner, then click three dots and then select default Programs.
Step 4: Just in default programs, select Browser choice and pick the browser which you need to create a default.
Currently, you’ve shifted the browser and now you need to alter the homepage on your default browser again.

How to Pick Default Homepage on Internet Browser?

The practice of altering the homepage differs in each and every internet browser. So we’ll offer the step-by-step procedure for altering the homepage at Google Chrome, both Opera and Firefox as those would be the very best leading and most frequent browsers in the industry.

Shifting Default Homepage at Google Chrome

When you’ve got Google chrome because of the default browser then you’re able to alter the default homepage by following these basic measures.

Step 1: Open Homepage your browser and then tap on the three dots at the top right corner.

Step 2: Click on the setting option

Step 3: In establishing choice, you may see Homepage choice under the Fundamental section

Step 4: Click the homepage choice and sort the URL you would like to create the homepage.

(In case you do not find the homepage choices (as stated previously 3) then follow the following measures

Shifting Default Homepage at Mozilla Firefox

Follow these basic actions to alter the default homepage at Mozilla Firefox.
Step 1: Open Opera browser and then click three dots at the right top corner.
Step 2: Open Putting and the move to General
Step 3: From General, open the Residence option and choose custom.
Step 4: enter the URL to which you would like to create a homepage.

Shifting Default Homepage at Opera

Follow the following steps so as to modify the default homepage at animation.
Step 1: Open the Homepage of the browser and then click the Opera icon in the top right corner.
Step 2: Open Putting and Disable News under site section
Step 3: Beneath search choice, disable Trending research and current searches.
Step 4: Publish all of the rate dial websites from the cinema homepage
Step 5: On the homepage, then click the (+) button and then enter the URL you would like to create a homepage.
Step 6: Restart the browser after saving the details.


Within this guide we’ll offer advice regarding content://com.android.browser.home/ and offer the step-by-step procedure for changing default homepage and browser.

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What is content://com.android.browser.home/ (Brief Details & Guide)

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