Sleeper’s Best-Selling Women’s Clothing In 2022

Sleeper's Best-Selling Women’s Clothing

Women’s clothing: the best solutions for practical and sophisticated fashion

Unfortunately, many people become trapped in the stereotype that ‘beauty is not about comfort’. Lots of designers reinforce this perception by pushing uncomfortable styles and presenting long puffy dresses, tight blouses, and trousers as a no-holds-barred option for exquisite style and impeccable taste.

The Sleeper brand, which creates practical yet stylish women’s clothing, has successfully challenged the tradition of ignoring comfort when creating a luxurious look since 2014. Whether you choose a lounge suit, a party dress, or a pajama set, you will always feel confident and enjoy not only the aesthetics of the look but also the freedom it offers.

Why is Sleeper the excellent solution for any occasion?

The company was founded in 2014 by fashion magazine editors Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa. Within months of being founded, the brand had already caught the attention of the fashion industry with its originality.

The idea behind the fashion concept is clothes that are suitable for both sleeping and going out – a suit that’s as comfortable as pajamas and a pajama set that rivals the most fashionable outfits.

In the Sleeper’s arsenal you will find:

  • Relaxed and unrestrained nature of the office ensembles
  • Comfortable options for going out with friends
  • Win-win solutions for bridal looks
  • Cozy nightwear sets.

The best-selling clothing: Sleeper’s most popular offers

The range is truly diverse. And a newcomer to the shop may wonder how not to get lost in the plethora of stylish and comfortable outfits. To make it easier to navigate, start by taking a look at the top-selling items.

Pajama and weekend sets

Every outfit by Sleeper conveys the company’s core message of combining comfort and style. And the Sizeless pastel pajamas are no exception. Comfortable to wear, the sets, made of Eco-rayon, appeal with their versatility. They are great for both sleeping and evening gatherings with friends.

Interested in unisex options? Linen pajamas which can include both shorts or pants will be a great addition to your wardrobe. They are also a good choice as a gift for a friend, a romantic partner, or a close relative.

Fans of feathered designs should take a look at the Party pajama sets range. The lightweight material and detachable feather cuffs make the outfit equally suitable for an evening out or a cocktail party. For the particularly hardcore feather enthusiasts, sets are available with trims on both pants and sleeves. At the same time, Sleeper remains true to the priority of comfort.

The Weekend Chic Set is, as well, a pleasant find. There are two versions of this collection available. The first is biker shorts and a top, complete with removable fluffy cuffs. The second is a top with a long-sleeved top and leggings.

Looking for women’s clothing for home or going out dancing? Navy blue, pink, lavender, or mint Rumba ensemble will come in handy. The linen set includes ankle-length trousers and a tie-up top. Both pieces have ruffles decorating their cuffs. And a scarf from the same set will be a win-win addition. It will give certain flirtatiousness and playfulness to the image.

The Atlanta set can be a second option for a homely outfit. It consists of a fitted top and ruffled shorts.

Dresses by Sleeper

Of course, Sleeper started with pajamas and lounge suits. It was these, which brought the brand its first popularity. However, as the company has evolved, the arsenal of stylish and practical items has been expanded to include wonderful dresses, with options for the red carpet, wedding reception, cocktail party, and, of course, for comfortable wear at home.

The versatile Lounge Dress, made from 100% natural linen, is one of the best-selling garments. The versatility of the outfit lies in the fact that you can wear it as a home dress, appear in it at a picnic, a friend’s birthday party, and even a social event.

The dress has a loose fit, sleeves fixed with a soft elastic band, and buttons as fittings. It is also distinguished by its color variety. Customers will be able to choose the following shades:

  • Blue or pink Vichy
  • Navy blue
  • Pink
  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • Floral print.

The Atlanta dress, also made of linen such as Linen Boho Dresses, will appeal to fans of sophisticated style. The outfit features puffy adjustable sleeves, an elasticated bodice, and an elegant square neckline. Sleeper also offers a harmonious addition to the look with a matching hair ribbon.

Many customers can’t resist adding the Michelin dress to their wardrobe. The main attraction for fashionistas is the mid-calf length, the high waist, and the perfect chest support provided by the elastic band bodice.

Want to create a delicate, feminine look? The Briggite dress will help you do just that. It features a maxi length, short lantern sleeves, and a belt that highlights the waist. The button-down outfit is the perfect solution for a cocktail party or a picnic.

Another incarnation of the original design idea is the short Marie dress. It will appeal to lovers of detachable, textured linen collars and lantern sleeves.

The Opera outfit in silk or linen is a promising addition to your wardrobe. Its distinguishing features are tapered puff sleeves, adjustable neckline, and interesting embroidered elements.

As you can see, Sleeper takes into account different tastes, so any woman will be able to find a suitable dress.

Other top sellers

How to make your summer memorable and bright? One of the options is to choose a swimming costume by Sleeper. The company is delighting its customers with the new model Ariel. This swimming costume, decorated with ruffles, can be combined with shorts to create a unique beach style.

Another interesting purchase would be a knitted cardigan with feathers on the cuffs.

Thinking of interesting footwear? Mille-feuille’s silk flats with bows may interest you.

For those looking for something more homely and comfortable yet fashionable, Sleeper offers fluffy Shearling slippers.

A little more about the merits of the brand

Sleeper is a company that knows no bounds to perfection. In its early days, the customer could only choose a pajama set or a leisure suit. Today, it stocks a variety of dresses, swimwear, shoes, and accessories. Sleeper pieces not only can be successfully combined but can also be combined with other wardrobe elements in a harmonious way.

The tandem of practicality + style is something that was sorely lacking in the fashion world before Sleeper. The company’s designers know that one does not exclude the other and help women fashionistas create the perfect look without sacrificing their comfort.

To see the merits of the brand, visit the Sleeper website, choose a lounge suit, pajamas, dress, and enjoy comfortable wear while remaining irresistible in your own eyes and the eyes of others!

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Sleeper’s Best-Selling Women’s Clothing In 2022

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