Slipknot New Masks T-Shirt

Slipknot New Masques fans will love to wear a tee-shirt. This t-shirt features an image of all nine band members, with a grungy, colourful feel to it. A band t-shirt is incomplete without the logo. And what’s more, you’ll be able to wear it anywhere, from your bedroom to the gym.

The band is working on a new album and recently released a new track called “The Dying Song.” The band also changed their masks in order to release a new song. Corey Taylor, the band’s bassist, revealed a new mask at Rocklahoma Festival 2021. Jay Weinberg, the band’s drummer, has also unveiled a new mask. Tortilla Man, Sid Wilson, and Clown will be the next members to unveil their new masks at a concert in 2022.

The band recently updated their website with a teaser video. The counter on the site runs through 0516, which corresponds to the date the band is scheduled to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 16. The new album will be available on August 9, 2019. As the video appears to feature close-ups of their new masks, we can only assume they’ll be back on tour. The band has already discussed why the group changes their masks drastically with each album cycle.

The band has also changed Corey Taylor’s look from a multi-part facial plate to a solitary leathery mask. The previous mask featured stitches from ear to mouth and additional ones around the cranial area. The mask has a large nose that looks more like an eye than a clown. The band’s new masks are sure to make fans smile despite the fact that they’re supposed to be creepy.

While the band is well known for their iconic percussionist Chris Fehn, they still have an unorthodox style of masks. Fehn’s mask was created before he joined the band. Its shape and design were inspired by doctors during the Black Plague. They wore masks to protect their faces from the death fumes. A similarity to the mask is the droogs worn in “A Clockwork Orange” by Alex.

The band is preparing for the “Knotfest” tour. It will be two-legs long and feature special guests like CYPRESS HILL or BEHEMOTH. The tour begins on July 26 in Mountain View, California, and runs through September 8. SLIPKNOT will perform a live episode on Jimmy Kimmel Live during the roadshow. On May 17th. They will be performing at three festivals in a row.

The new masks are also quite different from the old ones. Thomson’s mask is nearly identical to Paul Gray’s but has more muscle mass and baroque detailing. Venturella and Weinberg have almost identical masks to the original. Both masks have similar features, but the new members add a unique twist. They are both iconic and that is why they are so popular. Slipknot’s new masks will be a classic.

Slipknot New Masks T-Shirt
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